Friday, February 12, 2010

Retro Horror Movie, Some Music CDs, Some Books


The House of the Devil starring Somebody Named Gerta. Desperate for quick cash, college sophomore Samantha Hughes takes a babysitting job in the isolated mansion of the creepy Ulman family. Ignoring the warnings of her best friend, Samantha has no idea that a nightmare of unspeakable fear and torment awaits her within these walls.

Music CDs

Rated R by Rihanna. Is this the gal who was dating Mr. Punchy?

Worship Jamz - Blue. Techno gospel?

Contra by Vampire Weekend. Flavor of the indie month.

Breakout by Miley Cyrus. Our last copy cracked.

Kidz Bop 16. Children sing popular pop tunes. The booklet says I am supposed to check out I refuse.

Original Soundtrack to Princess and the Frog. Randy Newman must have a lifetime contract with Disney.


The Abortionist by Michael james Caughill. A Library customer read a review in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and requested I get purchase a copy. I did.


Women and Men on the Overland Trail: 2nd edition by John Mack Faragher. A lively and penetrating analysis of what the overland journey was really like for midwestern farm families in the mid-1800s.

Large Print

The Bargain Bride by Barbara Metzger. My wife watches that television show set in an expensive bridal gown store.

Early Dawn by Catherine Anderson. Woman kidnapped in Colorado by "murderous outlaws" who plan to sell her in Mexico. Local dude rescues her and they go on the run.

Love and Summer by William Trevor. Mid 1950s...orphan girl...blighted by unspeakable tragedy...young photographer...poignant love affair...herself.

Gemma by Meg Tilly. Twelve-year-old is kidnapped and just survives the abuse.

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