Monday, December 09, 2019

53 Discs!

1 Disc

The Best of Pentatonix Christmas by Pentatonix. Vocal group sings songs of winter holidays.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark starring [actors]. Scary stuff.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark starring [actors]. The same thing but on Blu-Ray.

6 Discs

Rick and Morty: seasons one and two starring [voice actors]. Grampa Rick has to deal with his terrible failure of a son-in-law and annoying grandchildren.

7 Discs

Alice Isn't Dead by Joseph Fink. Unusual plot about woman seeing her presumed dead wife on news stories about tragedies and then takes a job as a trucker to track her down.

8 Discs

Tom Clancy Duty and Honor by Grant Blackwood. Jack Ryan, Jr. fights injustice or something.

The Second Sleep by Robert Harris. Priest in Middle Ages has to bury an old priest and questions his faith and heretics. Or something.

The House Next Door by James Patterson. The novellas in one package.

13 Discs

Full Throttle : stories by Joe Hill. Thirteen stories.

Dungeons, Dragons, Danielle

Dungeons and Dragons

Xanathar's Guide to Everything by lead designers Jeremy Crawford and Mike Mearls. Page 53 says, "Warlocks are finders and keepers of secrets."

Player's Handbook by Jeremy Crawford. Page 143 says, "A single copper piece buys a candle, a torch, or a piece of chalk."

Dungeon Master's Guide by Jeremy Crawford, Christopher Perkins, James Wyatt. Page 243 says, "An important question in such a situation is who notices whom."

Volo's Guide to Monsters by Mike Mearls. Page 48 says, "Whether a deity is good, evil, or neutral is imamaterial."

Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mag Mage by Christopher Perkins. Page 223 says, " 1 square = 10 feet"Monster Manual by Christopher Perkins. Page 120 says, "However, they tolerate the presence of these creatures as living representatives of Loth's will, and a reminder of the fate that awaits all who fail the Spider Queen."

The Monsters Know What They're Doing: combat tactics for Dungeon Masters by Keith Ammann. Page 409 says, " If the total XP of the marilith's existing minions are equal to or greater than those of the marilith, the vrocks take pole position."


Mother and Son: the respect effect by Emerson Eggerichs, PhD. A patron was trying to get this book and I saw it had many holds. So I ordered a copy and that was back-ordered because of demand.


Spy by Danielle Steel. Steel seems to be a workaholic. She has many stories to tell.

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Here. Read these things.


Under Occupation by Alan Furst. More spy and anti-spy adventure by Furst. You should read this.

The Rise of Magicks by Nora Roberts. Third novel in the Chronicles of the One series. I do not know what this is about. You should read this.

Scarlet Fever by Rita Mae Brown. Another one of those Brown books with an anthropomorphic fox on the cover. You should read this.

Genesis by Robin Cook. Another medical thriller? A band biography? I don't know. You should read this.


Top 10 Orlando by DK Eyewitness. Page 76 says that "the prices may limit this place to special occasions" in reference to Victoria and Albert's. You should read this.

Let's Make Ramen: a comic book cookbook by Hugh Amano and Sarah Becan. Page 115 says, "Heat a wok or cast iron pan over high heat." You should read this.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Two For You


The Off-Islander by Peter Colt. 1982 PI in New England searches for a long missing man.

Non Fiction

Toil & Trouble by Augusten Burroughs. Not sure what this is about but Burroughs is a big name.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Christa Faust Re-Print and Making Money


Hoodtown by Christa Faust. Crime and murder in Hoodtown, a place populated by Luchadora wrestlers.


The Rule: how I beat the odds in the markets and in life- and how you can too by Larry Hite. Investment advice.

Monday, November 04, 2019

How We Fight: MANHUNT


How We Fight For Our Lives by Saeed Jones.  Man, that was some awful typing I first did. I made several corrections including the ones saying Mr. Jones was fighting for Our Livers. Jones experience as a gay black guy from the South.


The Best of manhunt: a collection of the best of Manhunt Magazine edited by Jeff Vorzimmer. Another great publication by Stark House press. manhunt specialized in crime fiction and printed stories by Ed McBain, Mickey Spillane, Richard S. Prather and other famed writers.

Friday, November 01, 2019

NonFic: Murder, babies, History, Spies


The Second Founding: how the Civil War and Reconstruction remade the Constitution by Eric Foner. How post war amendments changed the country. Photos? Yes.

The Way I Heard It by Mike Rowe. Stories about famous people and Rowe's own personal stories. Photos? No. Illustrations? Yes.

Kid Gloves: nine months of careful chaos by Lucy Knisley. Comic book story of the artist's pregnancy. Photos? No. Illustrations? Yes.

Life Undercover: coming of age in the CIA by Amaryllis Fox. Life as a CIA analyst and undercover. Photos? No. Illustrations?No.

Unsolved Murders: true crime cases uncovered by Amber Hunt and Emily G Thompson. True crime. Photos? You betcha. Illustrations? Yes.

How to Be An Antiracist by Ibram X Kendi. Antiracism as a concept to clearly see racism and an action to dismantle racism. Photos? No. Illustrations? No.End notes and bibliography? You're darn tootin.

The British Are Coming: the War for America, Lexington to Princeton, 1775-1777 by Rick Atkinson. This looks neat. First volume of planned trilogy of Revolutionary War. Photos? Yes. Illustrations?No. Maps? Thank goodness yes.

Night Call: embracing compassion and hope in a troubled world by Robert J Wicks. Photos? No. Illustrations? No.

Catch and Kill: lies, spies, and a conspriacy to protect predators by Ronan Farrow. Farrow's investigation of Harvey Weinstein brought all sorts of stuff down on his head. Photos? No. Illustrations? No. Deckled pages? Yes.

So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo, Oluo spoke at a Wisconsin library conference last month and I have forgotten how to pronounce her name. She was a very insightful speaker. Photos? No. Illustrations? No. End notes? A few.

Bad Weekend by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. Comic book novel in the graphic novel section of nonfic.

Haben: the deafblind woman who conquered Harvard Law: a memoir by Haben Girma. Advocate for disabilities graduated from Harvard and has a guide dog. Photos? Yes. Illustrations? No. Photos of hairy guide dog? Heck yeah.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019



Deadwood :the movie starring That Dude From Justified. THIS MOVIE HAS HORSES AND GUNS.

Chernobyl starring Some Skarsgard.. THIS MINISERIES HAS RADIATION POISONING.

The 60 Yard Line starring Expensice Cameos. THIS MOVIE HAS GREEN BAY.

Stuber starring That Guy From The Big Sick. THIS MOVIE HAS HUMOROUS VIOLENCE.

Cobra Kai: season 1 starring That Blond Guy From The Equalizer and Back To School. MAN WITH REPRESSED ANGER SEIZES REVENGE.

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Some DVDs


Avengers: Endgame starring [actors]. Movie that made a ton of money makes another ton of money on DVD and streaming sales.

Tolkien starring Nicholas Hoult. JRR grows up and gets shelled in France.

Donnybrook starring Frank Grillo, Margaret Qualley. Backwoods cage match can lead to a big purse.

Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson. Carol Danvers returns to Earth with super powers and Samuel L Jackson is younger through CGI.

Very, Very Valentine by Danica McKellar and Cameron Mathison. Real life math writer takes another acting job alongside some dude.

Blue Collar starring Richard Pryor, Harvey keitel and Yaphet Kotto. This was only 8 or 9 bucks so I bought it. Three pals rob their union's safe.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The ABCs: Atwood, Barclay, Coates.


Elevator Pitch by Linwood Barclay. His latest thriller. On Twitter Barclay writes, "Take the stairs."

The Secrets We Keep by Lara Prescott. I like the cover. Kelly Blair designed the cover. I'm not certain what the novel is about. You can see what Kelly Blair is about here.

The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Essayist writes a novel. Oh, wait a minute? Did he already do fiction? Let me check... Well, this is his first novel but I don't know if he already did short fiction.

The Chestnut Man by Soren Sveistrup. Sveistrup is from Denmark. A serial killer is on the loose in Copenhagen.


The Testaments by Margaret Atwood. Sequel to Handmaid's Tale. I read the book but still have not seen the TV series.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

New Things Filled With Words


Kopp Sisters on the March by Amy Stewart. These books are supposed to be pretty neat-o but I've not yet read one. Oh, hey! Stewart does nonfic too.

Met Her Match by Jude Deveraux. Dig it, Deveraux has a new author photo, nice. The cover has a weird-ish photoshop of a woman in a red dress walking on a bridge railing.

Inheritance by Evelyn Toynton. Another one of those "Widowed person takes a trip" novels. Woman goes to England and moves in with some dude.

The Stranger Inside by Lisa Unger. Unger has written quite a few novels. I think this is a thriller.

The Stalking by Heather Graham. Part of the Krewe of Hunters series. I always think of the actress when seeing Graham's name.

A Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier. Single woman in 1932 England is a "surplus woman". He fiance died in the Great War and there are not many men around.

Pretty Guilty Women by Gina Lamanna. I like the colors on this cover. Lamanna lives in St. Paul. I was up in Eau Claire a couple weeks ago. That is the closest I've been to MN in a while. 

The Titanic Secret by Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul. A book in the Isaac Bell series. I reecently read a short piece by a guy who used to assist Cussler on Cussler's book tours.

Audiobook on CD

The Titanic Secret by Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul.