Tuesday, June 20, 2017

So Much Music I "Can't Even"

Recording devices use advanced technology to transform sound waves into digital files. A "compact disc player" uses those computer files to broadcast those recordings through speakers.

Pollinator by Blondie. Blonde woman sings songs of pop.

Welcome Home by Zac Brown Band. Bearded musicians sing through there beards about gardening.

From A Room by Chris Stapleton. Another guy with a beard sings through his beard about busted hats.

Live: in Paris by Sleater Kinney. Indie band sings songs of indie rock.

Mental Illness by Aimee Mann. Singer sings songs of snow cones made from acoustic guitars.

This Old Dog by Mac Demarco. Singer with diastema sings funky love song.

Waiting on a Song by Dan Auerbach. A Black Key sings songs of kings and horses.

El Dorado by Shakira. Colombian pop star sings songs about forestry.

Witness by Katy Perry. Singer sings songs about musical detention.

Harry Styles by Harry Styles. English singer sings songs that last five minutes and 41 seconds.

What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Los Straitjackets by Los Straitjackets.  Musicians play music without any singing.

Soulfire by Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul. Famed guitarist and music historian sings songs about garage rock.

Fictional Stories


Knife Creek by Paul Doiron. Main egame warden is killing feral hogs and finds a baby in a shallow grave. Doiron is a Registered Maine Guide. I remember reading that some people were upset with the Registered Guide testing process because it was a paper test with no skills test. That may have been 15 years ago that I read about that.

The Ultimatum by Karen Robards. Robards sells a lot of books. Here is something from page 154, "Doc shrugged."

The Switch by Joseph Finder. Some sort of thriller, I think. Probably a Spy Guy thing. Let's check... I was close. A guy picks up the wrong laptop at airport security and the new laptop is a Senator's and has classified info that is not supposed to be on there.

A House Among the Trees by Julia Glass. I like the cover.Glass lives in Marblehead, MA. I wonder where that is. Let's check...

The Little French Bistro by Nina George. There was a chain of coffee shops intended to look like French cafes. I'm not sure how many were ever established but they were kinda neat. Just about everything in the cafe was intended to be French. Furniture, signs, decor. They didn't just change the sign's font and sell croissants.

Monday, June 19, 2017

I hurt my right shoulder

I am typing left handed and will not worry about spelling.


John Wick 2 -actor shoots things.

Banshee: the final season. I enjoyed the first two seasons of this show about an ex-con masquerading as a Sheriff.

Arrow : the complete fourth season. Super hero acts super.

Rogue One. There is a war in the stars. It is a star war.

Logan. Old superhero does action drama.

A Bone to Pick. Some mystery movie.

I Am Using Both Hands Now

Get Out. Hugely popular horror movie.

Holiday Inn. Bing Crosby sings White Christmas.

Mobsters. 1991 film starring popular young actors of the time. They shoot at each other.

Sabrina. Meh, I've never seen it.

Lord of War. Arms dealer makes money selling guns and ammo.

I hurt my shoulder on vacation.

We went to South Dakota. My son and I rented mountain bikes and I wiped out and landed on my shoulder.

Badlands National Park.
Everything in South Dakota has a casino attached. Even gas stations.
Custer State Park
Custer State Park
How I felt after getting back from my bicycle accident.
We walked around Devil's Tower.
Panoramic view from the trail around Devil's Tower.
I halfway tore off my back pocket when sliding down a railing at Mt. Rushmore.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Seven Books: I'll make things up again


Death on Nantucket by Francine Mathews. Ben Franklin has accomplished a lot in life. When he hears of a unsolved murder on Nantucket Island he decides to try his hand at homicide investigator. Will Franklin's wit overcome his inexperience?

Shiver Hitch by Linda Greenlaw. Bucky Dayton was a famed NFL linebacker know as "Shiver" for his forearm blasts to offensive lineman. Since retiring from his Hall of Fame career Shiver has realized how lonely has life has been. When single mom Bernadette moves in next door Shiver starts to wonder about what he missed.

Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. Bo and Sven were orphans in the Ukraine before adoption by the Smithers family in Wyoming. The Smithers hope that the boys will leave the trauma of their old life behind them as they begin life in the U.S. But Bo and Sven saw things in the Ukraine. And the people involved don't want witnesses.

Love Story by Karen Kingsbury. Professional cyclist Kate struggles in a sport dominated by the men's racing series and wants more freedom from her dominant father. When Kate meets Sara-May she learns about cycling, and love, than she thought possible.

Dis Mem Ber by Joyce Carol Oates.  Mitch Keeper's arrest and trial have ostracized him from most everyone in town. Even his alcoholic drinking buddies won't acknowledge their friendship with Mitch. With not friends, no family, and no job Mitch is apart from his old life. He is Dis Mem Ber.

The Alice Network by Kate Quinn. You've heard of the Bob Convention? Open to anyone named Bob? Well Alice Krachtner decides her plain name needs some sprucing and starts the Alice Network.

Lonesome Lies Before Us by Don Lee. Connor Bookman earned a lot of money after his lonesome country songs hit the charts. But, unlike some artists, Connor's success has been great. A loving wife, young children, and the end of money troubles have put him in a song writing funk.

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy. Residents of the Kingdom of Quirrish are required to be happy. Sadness sends you to the Ministry of Utmost Happiness where they discuss their issues.


Jackie's Girl: my life with the Kennedy Family by Kathy McKeon. McKeon was Jacqueline Kennedy's assistant and we find out if they really played football all that much.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Five Novels With Made Up Plots By The Library


Murder in Saint-Germain by Cara Black. Opal the Lessor fears she will be scapegoat when the handsome herdsmen hired by the convent is found dead in the vespers chapel. Opal starts to question her religious superiors and her life.

Indecent Exposure by Stuart Woods.  Middle-aged lawyer Vance Harkins has to defend his brother-in-law, Bart "the Cart", from an indecent exposure charge.  Vance finds out his brother has been been doing more than over-drinking and how can Vance hide those secrets from his own wife?

Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz. Australian magpies sing at night. Charlotte's great-aunt used to say the magpies warned of witches. That was when Charlotte was just a child. But, a 15-year-old knows better. Right?

The Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green. Olivia and Tobi are 'summer sisters'. They have spent 10 years together every summer as their families vacationed on the beaches of Georgia's Jekyll Island. This year their interests have turned from sand castles and seashells to boys and bikini-phobias. Will their joined interest of dreamy Charlie Carter keep them together, or split them apart?

Camino Island by John Grisham. Small town Florida lawyer Skip Battersea has made a modest living on real estate, divorce, and estate planning. When Miss Gretchen brings him a far fetched case of illegal toxic disposal on her land he finds that the facts lead to county government, to state government, to a small mobster with big time anger issues.

Large Print

Friday, June 02, 2017

Stack O' Books


The Garden of Small Beginnings by Abbi Waxman. I've been doing literacy tutoring with a 7th grader. The tutoring manual goes over spelling rules and says that no "American" words, except "hi", end with an "i". I mentioned how that obviously ignores several names.

House of Names by Colm Toibin. This guy's last name has to accent marks. I'm not gonna try and find the keyboard commands to add those marks. The novel tells the story of Agamemnon from Clytemnestra's point of view.

The Simplicity of Cider by Amy E. Recihert. Reichert? Is she from Wisconsin? Let's check... Oh, yeah. She is, she spoke at the library system's annual dinner last fall. Single dad and daughter end up in Door County and work at an orchard.

There Your Heart Lies by Mary Gordon. Gordon is not from Wisconsin. Maybe she has visited though.

The Leavers by Lisa Ko. There is a musician named Ko Melina who DJs on Sirius radio. She is a member of The Dirtbombs. The band has not had an album out since 2013.

The Women in the Castle by Jessica Shattuck. Widow of the German Army officer who participated in the 1944 coup against Hitler tries to save the other widows of the conspirators.

Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig. COVER ILLUSTRATION has a lot of red and silhouette of a ladder. I had the caps lock on, I'm not gonna go back and change it.

The Thirst by Jo Nesbo. Mystery series set in Norway and featuring police detective Harry Hole. Novelist Anthony Neil Smith really enjoys these stories. I've not yet read any of them, I've been busy.

The Fifth Petal by Brunonia Barry. I have no idea what this is about. Brunonia is an uncommon name. She lives in Massachusetts and has a dog named Angel. I live in Wisconsin and have a dog named Stop Licking Me.

What My Body Remembers by Agnete Friis. Friis wrote The Boy in the Suitcase which I did not read and the title really creeps me out.

New Boy by Tracy Chevalier. Don't most Chevalier books cover 400+ pages? Or is that someone else? I'm not sure. This is 204 pages and says Chevalier lives in London and has a name that is very difficult for me to type.


Killers of the Flower Moon: the Osage murders and the birth of the FBI by David Grann. This book has gotten a lot of press. About the Osage tribe in Oklahoma that became oil rich in the 1920s and had con men and killers swooping in to steal the dough.

Radical Hope: letters of love and dissent in dangerous times edited by Carolina de Robertis. Reminds me of this song. That drumbeat sounds very 1980s.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Three Books and A Dog


The News From Lone Rock: observations and witticisms from a small-town newsman by Freeland Dexter. Compilation of news columns and quips by Dexter who wrote for the Weekly Home News in Lone Rock, WI from 1884 to 1912.

One A Clear Night: essays from the heartland by Marnie O. Mamminga. From the author of Return to Wake Robin about summers spent in the north woods of Wisconsin. Mamminga went to University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. The official, and wrong way, to write the University name is Urbana-Champaign. But Champaign belongs in the front. Go Illini!

Dead Spider by Victoria Houston. Latest novel in the Loon Lake series. Houston lives up in Rhinelander. I bought a case of Rhinelander Bock beer in 1995 or so. That beer was incredibly awful. I bought it because it was cheap and I figured I'd try it out. I did not drink more than two bottles.


My dog on some carpet.

Dog riding in the car.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hey, Dunedin, I Put Up Some Photos.


G-Man by Stephen Hunter. According to the cover this is about a guy in a hat shooting people with a Thompson machine gun. The dust cover description says: Another Bob Lee Swagger novel.

Gwendy's Button Box by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar. A novella set in Castle Rock, Maine.

Exit Strategy by Steve Hamilton. I've read a couple Hamilton novels. The Lock Artist was good.


I'm not sure I posted any photos recently. Let's see what is on my phone...

We are going to add shelving and storage for all the items piled up inside and outside our meeting room.

Jefferson County Dairy Breakfast was Saturday, May 20 in Jefferson. I had my picture taken while I stood next to a mutant cow wearing a apron.

I spent a good portion of the weekend supervising and assisting with a science experiment to test how well homemade solid rocket fuel burns.

Summer Reading Program weekly prizes are coupons good for a variety of places and things. The display is being set-up. Details to follow.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Bunch of WI Stuff Plus Some Novels

Wisconsin Stuff

Hunting Camp 52: tales from a North Woods deer camp by John Marvin Hanson. 60 years of hunting camp traditions of food, laughter, singing, and a cold outhouse.

Warriors, Saints, and Scoundrels: brief portraits of real people who shaped Wisconsin by Michael Edmonds and Samantha Snyder.Tom Towner was the Happy Hermit of the Marshes. "He lived on fish, potatoes, flour, muskrat meat, and freshwater clams." He lived in a marsh for 40 years and died when he was 73.

How to be an Indian in the 21st Century by Louis V. Clark III (Two Shoes). Memoir told in poetry by man who grew up on the Oneida reservation.

Wisconsin on the Air: 100 years of public broadcasting in the state that invented it by Jack Mitchell. This sounded boring but I flipped through the book, looked at pictures, read some sections and saw it is kinda neat.

Never Curse the rain: a farm boy's reflections on water by Jerry Apps. People really like Apps's books.

Alexander Hamilton: from obscurity to greatness edited by John P. Kaminski. Not a Wisconsinsubject by published by the Wisconsin Historical Society. A collection of excerpts and letters by people who knew and worked with Hamilton.


Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child.

Secrets in Summer by Nancy Thayer, The cover images sure are nice and summery. Yesterday's weather was quite nice. Today is a little warmer but occasionally overcast.

My window is dirty.

Testimony by Scott Turow. More lawyerly mystery and suspense. What's the weather in Chicago now? Let's check... 85 degrees.