Friday, July 06, 2018

37 CDs of Talking Sounds

Talking Sounds

The 17th Suspect by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. 7 hours on 6 CDs. Something about a killer and chasing the killer. Probably a serial killer, right? These are serial killers?

The Pharaoh Key by Preston and Child.8 CDs on 9 hours. Let me quickly scan the back cover. "Vanish. Until.  Incredible.  EES. Split. Dangerous." Nope, I don't understand any of that either. You'll have to check this out, listen to it, and let me know.

The Fallen by David Baldacci. 12 hours on 6 CDs. I don't think this is about robots. I certainly wouldn't know anything about robots anyway. I'm no robot.

The Crooked Staircase by Dean Koontz. 15 hours on 13 CDs. I'm 100% human being creature. No robotic parts to me at all. I even laugh at appropriate times - and not because I had a recent software update. That would just be silly!

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

"Former Slaves of Lake Mills"


The Former Slaves of Lake Mills: a study of African Americans in rural Wisconsin by Caitlin Downey. Undergrad thesis covering local history. Lots of footnotes and a nice bib.

Couple New Flicks


Lady Bird starring Soirse Ronan and others. A teenager is angry about something.

The Shape of Water starring Sally Hawkins. The Creature From the Black Lagoon gets a girlfriend.

Mish. Mosh.


The Summer Nanny by Holly Chamberlin. Page 155, "Marissa smiled brightly when Hayley joined her in the hall."

There There by Tommy Orange. Page 66 says, "She said if you start feeling nauseous and have abdominal pain, you should go to the emergency room."

Ike and Kay by James MacManus. Page 233 says, "She didn't know him."

The Devil's Half Mile by Paddy Hirsch. Page 143 says, " Justy grunted a laugh."

Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier. Page 130 says, "She... drops... numbers... and the... Geo... at... the monster."

Another Side of Paradise by Sally Koslow. Page 289 says, "Scott... with an avocado... forwards... garbage... in the living room."

All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin. Page 19 says, "I don't remember."

The Summer List by Amy Mason Doan. Page 173 says, "The next weekend fifteen kids show up."

Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. Page 253 says, "He chuckles, rubbing his his eyes, and I can tell he's tired."

Before and Again by Barbara Delinsky. Page 137 says, "I wanted... my GPS... in the... bra... because... my friends blamed me for... an accident."

The Lost Vintage by Ann Mah. Page 149 says, "Ha ha."


Educated: a memoir by Tara Westover. Page 290 says, "Shawn called an hour later."

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Large Print Fly Board


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri starring Frances McDormand and Woody Harrelson. Mourning mother wants her daughter's murder solved.


Dead Firefly by Victoria Houston. Another murder mystery in Northern Wisconsin.

Large Print

Monday, June 18, 2018



The Pharaoh Key by Preston and Child. Page 135 says, "Your knife." Knife? Did someone write knife? What a coincidence because I have a new(ish) Spyderco in my pocket.

The Madonna of the Mountains by Elise Valmorbida. I kinda like the cover. Valmorbida is an uncommon name. Let's see where she lives... London but grew up in Australia. Australia? Did someone write Australia? Last week I used some wooden matches I brought back from the end of my college semester in Perth. I've had those matches for 25 years. I did not have a Spyderco in Australia.

Island of the Mad by Laurie R. King. Mary Russell is married to Sherlock Holmes. I don't know anything about this Russell character except that King has written several novels. King lives on California's central coast. The owner of Ephraim Faience Pottery spoke at Rotary a few months ago. Ephraim opened a retail store in that area a few years ago and, when asked about real estate costs, said the prices were surprisingly uninflated. I doubt they sell Spydercos.

The Woman in the Woods by John Connolly. This is the Irish Connolly, not the California Connelly. I've read a couple of Connolly's novels. I just finished listening to a Tana French novel. French sets her books in Ireland and that woman knows what she is doing when it comes to novels. Her knowledge of pocket knives is undetermined.


Friday, June 08, 2018

Joyce Carol Pearson


Night Gaunts by Joyce Carol Oates. Big time author publishes a story collection.

How Hard Can It Be? by Allison Pearson. 49-year-old mom goes back to work in England. Trouble ensues.

Large Print


Tuesday, June 05, 2018

One Novel


Us Against You by Fredrik Backman. Backman is Swedish and posed for his author photo in blue jeans and a faded blue shirt against a blue background. It's a blueberry photo. The cover is all blue as well.

Monday, June 04, 2018

Two Guys Write A Novel


The President is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson Literary Industries, Amalgamated. Two rich guys write a thriller. Page 217 says, "The vice president stops at the doorway." Hey, shouldn't that be capitalized as Vice President? A couple sentences later the VP calls the Chief of Staff an "unelected flunky".

Thursday, May 31, 2018