Thursday, December 27, 2018

Mid-Holiday Four Pack


Southernmost by Silas House. I know a guy named Silas, he is in 7th grade. Silas the author wore a blu eshirt for his author photo.

Family Trust by Kathy Wang. Guy with pancreatic cancer has relatives awaiting news on his estate. Wang wore a leather jacket for her author photo. I have to assume the material is leather. It could be a synthetic.

Non Fiction

Simple Cleaning Wisdom: 450 easy shortcuts for a fresh and tidy home by Good Housekeeping. Tip
#1: no children. Tip #2: no pets. Tip #3: don't live there.

Complete Crochet Course: the ultimate reference guide by Shannon and Jason Mullet-Bowlsby. That is a tough last name for me to type. These guys live in Seattle. I think this book will circ well.