Thursday, January 03, 2019

A Bunch of Learning Books to Learn Things


Antiques and Collectables: 2019 price guide by Eric Bradley. Milk glass is a general term for opaque colored glass.

Disney Cruise Line 2019 by Erin Foster, et al. I've heard from a couple people how much they enjoyed Disney cruises. I guess it'd be neat but I'm not paying that much dough for a boat ride. I don't care how great the food is.

Live Big by Ajit Nawalkha. "The entrepreneur's guide to passion, practicality, and purpose." I guess this is a pep guide.

Clean Eating Weeknight Dinner Plan: quick and healthy meals for any schedule by Michelle Anderson. Page 93 has a tofu recipe.

The Easy Indian Slow Cooker Cookbook by Hari Ghotra.Ghotra is a English cook and apparently worked at some super fancy restaurant.

Handy Forensic Science Answer Book: reading clues at the crime scene, crime lab, and in court by Patricia Barnes-Svarney and Thomas E. Svarney.  The bloodstain photos are not in color.

Zippy Loom Creations: 20 quick and easy knitting projects by Spring House Press. The zippy loom process does look a lot easier. Not that I will get around to trying it. I wouldn't mind a few spare, thick, wool hats though. Hats are always going missing in my house. I bought a couple hats two years ago that have a fleece lining layered between the knitted sides. The hats do not work well, The fleece bunches up inside and you can't pull it apart.

Landscaping Ideas That Work by Julie Moir Messervy. Pretty pictures or pretty landscaping. Everything looks great but I sure won't be gardening any of it.

The Complete Plate by Lauren Klukas. Cookbook with healthy recipes. Klukas lives in Calgary. In Canada. Calgary, Canada's Klukas cooks kale and crepes.

Ultimate Woodwork Bible by Phil Davy and Ben Plewes. Plentiful pretty pictures of plywood. And bandsaws. And sanders. And woods. And chisels.