Saturday, May 02, 2009

Marge, Hair, Garfield, Bread, Cop From Philadelphia


Father's Day by Keith Gilman. Ex-cop from Philadelphia is hired to find the missing daughter of an old friend. During the investigation he uncovers links to the suicide of another friend.
I rarely buy books off email solicitations but decided to get this one after looking at the author's web page.
The cover image is very similar to the cover image on a Charlie Huston novel.

Intent to Kill by James Grippando. "Accidents happen. But this was no accident." Sounds like Holland.

Mr. and Miss Anonymous by Fern Michaels. Lily is a struggling college student who donates her eggs at a fertility clinic. Pete, also in need of money, is donating sperm. The two meet at the clinic. Nineteen years later they meet again at the same time two teenagers, with links to the same clinic, disappear and hit the news. One of the missing teens looks exactly like Pete.

Marge Book by Matt Groenig [and a legion of writers]. All you wanted and didn't - really did not - want to know about Marge Simpson.

NonFiction and Hair

Great Hair: secrets to looking fabulous and feeling beautiful every day by Nick Arrojo. I found out the other day that hair books check out like mad. This guy is from that What Not to Wear show that my wife always watches.

Good to Great Hair: celebrity hairstyling techniques made simple by Robert Vetica.

21st Century Economy: a beginner's guide by Rany Charles Epping. "All the knowledge you need to make sense of the latest headlines and evonomic trends behind todays crises and tomorrow's opportunities."

Garfield Fat Cat 3-Pack, Vol 4 by Jim Davis. Garfield books always check-out too.

Sock Knitting by Laura Chau. This had some great reviews that referred to the great illustrations of techniques and steps.

Bread Baker's Apprentice: mastering the art of extraordinary bread by Peter Reinhart. A lot of people were reserving this title from other libraries so I bought one for here.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One Canadian, One Englishman, One Cheesehead, One Smart Aleck, Some Fiction


Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris. "A Sookie Stackhouse novel." I ordered the DVD version of that HBO show based on this series of books.


Always Looking Up: the adventures of an incurable optimist by Michael J. Fox. Fox retires from acting and has to find something else to do with his time.

My Booky Wook by Russell Brand. Crazy tales by the English comic about drug issues, a bizarre father, general outrageous behavior.

Unlikely Disciple: a sinner's year at America's holiest university by Kevin Roose. Student from Brown University does a study abroad semester at Liberty University in Virginia. Has a good time meeting and learning about different people.
[EDIT: the author dude, or a pal of his, just googled his way over here from a Brown University IP address.]

Coop by Michael Perry. Perry is on to chickens and pigs now. Tales of his family life, his childhood, and a listing of his many boneheaded adventures and mistakes.

Large Print

Loitering with Intent by Stuart Woods. Woods's ghost writers sure are busy.

The Perfect Poison by Amanda Quick. So are Quick's.

Tea Time for the Traditionally Built by ALexander McCall Smith. The television series is supposed to be pretty good.

Deadlock by Iris Johansen. So an E in Johansen signifies what, Danish? An O is Norwegian or Swedish?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not Much NonFiction


The Foreclosure of America: the inside story of the rise and fall of Countrywide Home Loans, the mortgage crisis, and the default of the American dream by Adam Michaelson. Written by former Countrywide executive who witnessed the stupid decisions by executives. "examines the marketing of a mirage and the bad business decisions that brought the nation to the brink."

Democracy in America by Alexis De Tocqueville. A new copy and new translation of the classic tome written after the Frenchman's 1831 trip to the U.S. One of the books received through our Picturing America grant.
I had a high school teacher, Selby Klein, who loved this book and how it still reflected modern America. This was the same guy who, when talking about communism, referred to his time in Korea with, "I killed those commies with relish!" He was a very good teacher.

Founding Brothers: the revolutionary generation by Joseph J. Ellis. Another part of the Picturing America grant. The intertwining lives of John Adams, Aaron Burr, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington.