Monday, May 09, 2016

A Few NonFics, A SciFi and Fiction


The Rainbow Comes and Goes by Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt. I'm not sure what this book is about but it is on the best seller list.

The Comedians: drunks, thieves, scoundrels, and the history of American comedy by Kliph Nesteroff. I heard an interview with this guy. He had many neat stories about comedians and how the business worked from the days of burlesque and vaudeville through to radio and television.

Crochet 101: master basic skills and techniques easily through step-by-step instruction by Deborah Burger.  Crochet and quilting books do fairly well here. A new beginner's guide like this one might do well.

Epilogue by Will Boast. Boast's short story collection of a few years ago was very good. After Boast's father died Boast found out the man had a first family in England.


Brush of Wings by Karen Kingsbury.  A romance? Kingsbury specializes in Christian romance doesn't she?  The cover illustration is not for me. Kingsbury has a big smile for her author photo. She should have a full page author photo, she sells tons of novels.

Glory Over Everything by Kathleen Grissom. Ooh, this has a map on the endpapers. Escaped slave is living as white aristocrat in Philadelphia but has to travel back to North Carolina.

Archangel by Marguerite Reed. SciFi novel with people colonizing another planet running into money trouble and dealing with newcomers who may just pollute the new planet.

Reed's Facebook posts keep ending up on my feed because of JD Rhoades "likes" and comments. (We have a few Rhoades books here as well.) I suppose I could mess with the Facebook settings to stop all the "likes" from showing up. Yesterday's Facebook feed was filled with Mother's Day posts by people I have never met.  Anyway. I ordered Reed's book.

I think Reed lives north of Wichita. My family's spring break visit to KS did not include driving all over the state like our usual summer visits. We've seen just about every dang zoo in the state. Plus the Kansas Cosmosphere. And Cowtown. And Exploration Place. And Aviation Museum. And Strataca Salt Mine. And Brookville Hotel. And Kansas Motorcycle Museum. And Coronado Heights. And every single Dala horse in Lindsborg.

I suppose we can try Abilene next time. The Greyhound Museum and Eisenhower Library are there. The coffee place in Lindsborg makes a nice Cuban Coffee.

Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave. The cover says "World War Two in London."

American Blood by Ben Sanders. New Zealand crime novelist writes a novel set in New Mexico.