Friday, February 24, 2017

Non Non Non Fiction


Real Food Fake Food: why you don't know what you're eating and what you can do about it by Larry Olmsted. Chapter 7: Champagne and Scotch: the sincerest form of flattery.

Finance Your Business: secure funding to start, run, and grow your business by Entrepreneur Media.  Page 85 says, "Although judges love to see confidence, they bristle at arrogance."

Skillet and Sheet Pan Supper by Monica Sweeney. Page 53 says, "Return the chicken to the skillet."

Eternal Dharma by Vishnu Swami.

Beginning Acrylic: tips and techniques for leanring to paint in acrylic by Susette Billedeaux Gertsch. Page 19 says, "A mop brush works well for this technique."

The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Combat: combat strategies and battle techniques for Minecraft by [no name]. This will go over well.

Gluten-Free Bread Machine Cookbook by Jane Bonacci and Shannon Kinsella.Page 51 says, "Start."

Thursday, February 23, 2017

New Books? Yep, More New Books.


Nolo's Encyclopedia of Everyday Law, 10th Edition by Shae Irving. This has a pretty decent chance of checking out.

A Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples, 18th Edition by Frederick Hertz and Emily Doskow. I don't know if this will circ' or not. Buying some legal guides is guesswork. Doskow's name is familiar, I think she writes a lot of legal guides. Let me check the catalog... yep, she's a divorce and family law guru.

Curvy Yoga: love yourself and your body a little more each day by Anne Guest Yelley. Okay the font used for the author's name is awful. The letters work for the title with a big font size but her name is too small and the swoopy, curvy lettering is way too difficult to read.

But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan: 125 recipes to win everyone over by Kristy Turner. Page 78 says, "Serve immediately."

Here We Are: 44 voices write, draw, and speak about feminism for the real world edited by Kelly Jensen. Let's see if I recognize any names... Roaxanne Gay is listed - she's a big deal literary deal.

Basketball Essentials by Ryan Goodson. Page 97 says," Fingers spread."

The Complete Guide to Art Materials and Techniques edited by Caroline West. A large format book with lots of neat illustrations.

The Safe Hiring Manual: the complete guide to employment screening background checks for employers, recruiters, and jobseekers by Lester S. Rosen. Page 489 says, "The school indicated the person never attended much less graduated."

Lower Your Taxes Big Time by Sandy Botkin. Yeesh, what an atrocious cover.

Gifts in Jars: homemade cookie mixes, soup mixes, candles, lotions, teas, and more by Natalie Wise.  Wise lives in Brattleboro, Vermont. I used to read a mystery series by Archer Mayor that was set in Brattleboro. I really enjoyed the series until I read one entry that was a clunker and I never got back to the books.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

You want NonFic? Here it is.


American Casino Guide - 2017 edition. There are two casino boats in Georgia.

Communicating Better With People on the Autism Spectrum by Paddy-Joe Moran. #10: refer to parents by name.

Freedom From Constipation: natural remedies for digestive health by Christopher Vasey, N.D.

This Is Cancer: everything you need to know, from the waiting room to the bedroom by Laura Holmes Haddad.

Your Tarot Your Way: learn to read with any deck by Barbara Moore.

Go Your Crohn Way: a gutsy guide to living with Crohn's Disease by Kathleen Nichols. Dang, Crohn's is incurable. Bummer.

Outbreak! 50 tales of epidemics that terrorized the world by Beth Skwarecki. An Egyptian worm infected Napoleon's soldiers in 1799. The worms burrow into the skin, make their way to blood vessels near the bladder, and caused bloody urine. The worms had been endemic to Egypt and were around 3,000 years ago.

Communication Clinic: 99 proven cures for the most common business mistakes by Barbara Pachter and Denise Cowie. Don't pout; handle criticism without being a brat.

Transforming ADHD: simple, effective attention and action regulation skills to help you focus and succeed by Greg Crosby and Tonya K. Lippert.

Overcoming Passive-Aggression by Tim Murphy and Loriann Oberlin.

How to Protect (or Destroy) You Reputation Online by John P. David.

Costume Making Guide: creating armor and props for cosplay by Svetlana Quindt.  Foam, spray filler, paint. I would have trouble doing these kinds of projects.

Sumo Mixed Martial Arts by Andrew Zerling. New techniques to try. I guess.

417 More Games, Puzzles, and Trivia Challenges to Specially Designed to Keep You Brain Young by Nancy Linde. That is a very long title.

Texture in Colored Pencil by Ann Kullberg.

Musical Musics Being Musical

The Power of Electricity and Computers Commands You to Hum Along to These Plastic Discs

Life and Living It by Sinkane. Guy from America sings about the telephone.

I See You by Xx. People I have knowledge about sings songs about something or other.