Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Photo Update

Renovation Update

This morning the concrete floor for the lower level's new toilet was cut for plumbing.  I was not in the building this morning so I did not hear the noise or breath the dust.

Tomorrow I haul off the old shelving.  I had to cancel this task last Friday because of the snow storm.


The layout had to change to allow access to the water meter (located by the dark vertical pipe in the center left of the photo).

New Lower Level toilet room

The pipes in the upper right of this photo have to be rerouted up and over the new room's ceiling.

New Lower Level toilet room

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nothing New, Musical Interlude

Nothing New

We did get Joe R. Lansdale's most recent book in today's mail but it is not yet ready for your hands.

No Renovation News

The contractor starts tearing up concrete tomorrow.  I will take photos.

Musical Interlude

Welshman Sweet Baboo pretends to be a cat.  I do not know if his real name is Linus.