Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Rotating Plastic Discs

Rotating Plastic Discs Produce Music and Singing

Fallen Angels by Bob Dylan.  Singer sings old songs in new album. Bill Crider posted to some dude's ranking of Dylan albums. I was okay with the dude's top three, he put this record at #29 of 37. I like this tune.

A Cure For Loneliness by Peter Wolf. Singer sings songs of rock. Wolf is 70 years old. That is five years younger than Dylan.

Rotating Plastic Discs Produce a Narrator's Voice.

The Other Side of Silence by Philip Kerr. Philip with one "l". I've heard one or two Kerr novels featuring character Bernard Gunther. I enjoyed the stories.

Rotating Plastic Discs Produce Sound and Images

Around the Corner with John McGivern: Lake Mills. The TV show that aired a few months ago and I still have not watched. Hey, Dunedin, it's available online, too, if you've got nothing else to do.