Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Melodic Sounds Purposefully Performed and Re-Produced Through Electrical Impulses

Electric by Richard Thompson.  Famed guitarist plays guitar and sings songs.

Son of Rogues Gallery: pirate ballads, sea songs, and chanteys by [various].  A multitude of singers sing old sea songs.

Adam Ant is the Blueback Hussar in Marrying the Gunner's Daughter by Adam Ant.  AllMusic.com gave a mixed review that resulted in rating of 4/5. Yes, I did attend his concert in Milwaukee this past winter.  He's playing another date in Milwaukee at the end of the summer.

Barbara Allen's Dirty Poetry


Know Soil, Know Life edited by David L. Lindbo,et al.  A donation from the Soil Society of America. Pretty neat with nice photos, maps, and charts.


Antiques Disposal by Barbara Allen.  Max Allan Collins and his wife Barbara Collins perform a Vulcan Mind Meld and the results appear in paperback featuring a fluffy dog and crime solving in Eastern Iowa.  Collins freely admits his first novel was a rip-off of the Parker books (see below).  Collins's Quarry series is sorta similar to Parker novels and the Quarry books are excellent.

Close Is Fine by Eliot Treichel.  Short stories set in rural Wisconsin by a guy who lives in Oregon. Oregon state not Oregon, WI.  I'm going to read this.


Sailing to Babylon by James Pollock.  Canadian living in Wisconsin writes poems about Glenn Gould on the Telephone (p. 25).

ROTC Kills by John Koethe.  Former Poet Laureate of Wisconsin still writes poems while

I'm waiting at the bar at Gene's, a place
On West Eleventh Street, just down the street
From the Larchmont Hotel, where I usualy stay
When I'm in New York.  I come to New York a lot
Since I've retired (from what? someone asked).


True Blood: the complete fifth season starring Anna Paquin, others.  Vampires, death and romance in Mississippi or Georgia.  Oh, wait.  It's in Louisiana.  Is Victor Gischler in this?  People sure do like this show.

Parker starring Jason Staham and Jennifer Lopez.  The latest adaptation of a Richard Stark (Donald Westlake) novel featuring Parker, a thief.