Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Freshwater American Crafternoon


Quilting-On-The-Go: taking it further by Carolyn Forster.  Page 49 says, "Repeat with the second piece of backing fabric."

New American Knits by Amy Christoffers.  The "Nevelson Lace Pullover" uses sportweight yarn (#2 fine).

80 Ten-Minute Recipes by Jenni Fleetwood.  Page 42 says, " Liver is the perfect choice for a quick meal."

The Smart Guide to Freshwater Fishing, 2nd edition by Mike Seymour.  Page 40 says, "Worn lines rank among the most common causes of losing both lure and fish during the fight."

Lazing on a Sunday Crafternoon by Eliza Muldoon. Fun, little craft projects to do with children.  Not to be confused with the Kinks.

The Kinks