Wednesday, January 30, 2019

-15 Outside, Here Are Made-Up Stories


Crazy Cupid Love by Amanda Heger. A paperback modern romance with some woman match maker who is a descendant of Eros.

Connections in Death by J.D. Robb. I'm the only staff here at the library. Everyone else stayed home since today's low temperature was -25.

The Lost Girls of Paris by Pam Jenoff. I am going to close the library at 6PM since I don't want to stay any later. I'm kinda tempted to stay until 9PM just to preen and gloat about it. But, that would be silly.

Out of the Dark by Gregg Hurwitz. Hurwitz' author photo has him in a black t-shirt leaning against a chain link fence. His facial expression looks smarmy. But, I am in kind of a lousy and cantankerous mood.

Judgement by Joseph Finder. I should start spelling judgment with an E. Judgement. Both are acceptable forms.

The Wedding Guest buy Jonathan Kellerman. Kellerman has a new author photo. He is standing with a wooded background with what kinda looks like young bamboo in the background. He is smiling, wearing a suit jacket and no tie. There are also ferns.

I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella. I was at Sunshine Brewing last week after the library closed at 9PM and a guy bought me a beer. I told him I owed him a beer. Sunshine has a "Buy a Friend a Beer" chalkboard to publicize when you buy a pal a beer. I bought my wife a beer. She is not my pal, she's my wife.

Come Find Me by Megan Miranda. This is actually a Young Adult (YA) novel but the YA sticker is missing so I took the book along with the rest.

The Age of Light by Whitney Sharer. Why does almost every novel set in Paris have to put the Eiffel Tower somewhere on the cover. Oh, that reminds me...

Electronic Things

The power of Electricity and Lasers Provides You With Sounds Using Digital Encoding Within Plastic Discs

Come Over When You're Sober, Part 2 by Lil' Peep. Dead rapper raps raps from beyond the grave about life and love.

Weird by Julianna Hatfield. Singers sings songs about solitude.

A Star is Born: Original Soundtrack. Singers sing songs of romantic drama.

Everythangs Corrupt by Ice Cube. Rapper raps raps about modern society.

Audiobooks on CD

Long Road to Mercy by David Baldacci. 11 hours on 9 CDs. FBI Special Agent recalls her sister's childhood kidnapping and disappearance while investigating a missing person in the Grand Canyon.


Barry: complete first season starring Bill Hader and Fonzie. Depressed hired killer falls in love with acting. Humor and murder ensue.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Actors Acting


Black Panther starring Michael B Jordan. I thought we had a copy of this. Maybe it was damaged or lost or stolen.

The Birthday Wish starring Jessy Schram and Luke MacFarlane. Some romance thing that will definitely circulate.

When Calls the Heart: Season Three starring Erin Krakow.  10 DVDs worth of romance on the Canadian frontier.

Summer of 84 starring Matt Leslie. I think this is a horror movie. I'm not sure. A library customer requested this.

BlackkKlansman starring John David Washington, Topher Grace and Kylo Ren. To police officers infiltrate the Klan.


On the Other Side of Chaos: understanding the addiction of a loved one by Ellen Van Vechten, JD, MSW, CADC. Advice and experience on working with addicted loved ones.