Monday, December 14, 2015

The Regular Prints-Too-Much Crowd


Precious Gifts by Danielle Steel. I always want to throw an extra E on the end of Steel.  This book cover has a blue butterfly.

Cross Justice by James Patterson Dang. Patterson wrote this by himself? He has not done that in a while.

House of the Rising Sun by James Lee Burke. Burke's daughter, Alafair, is active on Facebook. I don't follow Ms. Burke but her posts still end up in my feed.

So You Don't Get Lost in the Neighborhood by Patrick Modiano. "A haunting novel of suspense" by the 2014 Nobel Prize dude from France.

Secret Sisters by Jayne Ann Krentz. Secret Sisters? I liked their first album. Oh, dang, the library owns their second album as well. Wow, I put the second album in iTunes as well, here is a track.

Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz. Koontz's author photo does not include any dogs. That's a switch.

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Fine Reduction for Children This January

Fine Reduction

Starting January 2 is a month long chance for children to reduce their fines by reading inside the library. Reading is vital to childhood development and we don't want our customers blocked from the library or afraid of their fines.

Children's books accrue over due fines at $0.05 a day. Reading time will be worth $0.25 for each 15 minute block of time. You have to read in the library. Library Director provided glaring is optional.

 We do need a slogan and encourage suggestions. Current slogan suggestions include:

New Year - New Slate
Read Aloud Read Away
Fines Shmines
Library Director Read-A-Long
Speed Your Read and Stop the Bleed

Hey, That Book Won't Read Itself!
Don't You Want to Grow Big and Strong Like Your Father?
Yes, Comic Books Count But I, Personally, Think Archie is Lame
I Agree, Bill Crider Novels Are Always A Good Choice, But You're Seven Years Old, How About Magic Tree House Instead?

Your New Favorite Song

Your Fancy Electronic Machine Decodes The Digital Content On A Flat Plastic Disc and Plays Songs

V by Wavves. Californians sings songs about things and play your new favorite song.

Down to Believing by Allison Moorer. Redheaded woman plays instruments and sings songs. I've not heard any of these tunes but Moorer has recorded some really good tunes.

Zipper Down by Eagles of Death Metal. Band sings loud and catchy songs and survives a terrorist attack. Jeez, that must have been freaking awful. You're up there playing guitar, thinking the show is going great, and then some murderous [curse words] show up and start killing people.