Friday, February 22, 2013

First Poetry Postcards of the Ice Age Trail

Large Print

First Prophet by Kay Hooper. FBI psychics solve crime with psychic powers and predict what's on TV tonight.

Postcards from Cedar Key by Terri DuLong.  A chocolatier knits the wool from her pet alpacas.  Chocolatier reads mom's dead papers.  Chocolatier meets English guy. 

The Lawgiver by Herman Wouk.  Something about Moses.  The description on the back cover is confusing.


Ice Age Trail Companion Guide 2011 by Ice Age Trail Alliance.  Guide to the 1,000 mile trail that winds around Wisconsin.  We also bought a map binder that will go into reference. 

Library's Least Popular YouTube Video

The least popular YouTube video the library has done with only 16 views.  We have both of Kraushaar's poetry collections.  I think poetry is often best when read aloud.  But, a reader's interpretation, or misinterpretation, can vary so greatly from the author's intent. So, I asked Mark to share a reading with both of us reading the same poems.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lansdale Novella, Football, Spying On Hippies, Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs


Dead Aim by Joe R. Lansdale.  Lansdale is a Facebook posting maniac.  He recently commentd that Amazon sold out on this new novella featuring a young Hap and Leonard.  Hap and Leonard agree to guard a woman going through a divorce.  Things go badly because everything Hap and Leonard do goes badly.  Except screwing up and having bad luck.  Hap and Leonard are great at screwing up and having bad luck.

Alex Cross, Run by James Patterson Literary Industries Amalgamated.  Huh, look a that.  Patterson is listed as the sole author.


Subversive: the FBI's war on student radicals and Reagan's rise to power by Seth Rosenfeld.  250,000 of FBI documents showing "surveillance, illegal breakins, infiltration, planted news stories, poison-pen letters, and secret detention lists" aimed at groups in Berkeley, CA.

How the SEC Became Goliath: the making of college football's most dominant conference by Ray Glier.  Short version: the SEC spends tons of dough on recruiting and coaching and facilities and other conferences are jealous.  I'll withhold commentary seeing as how the Big 10 lets anyone with a pulse join.  The Big 10 just hasn't been the same since the University of Chicago dropped out.

Gods of Mischief: my undercover vendetta to take down the Vagos outlaw motorcycle gang by George Row.  Guy in California desert town goes undercover for three years.  Guy then goes into witness protection.

Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel.  Underwater photos of dogs jumping into water after tennis balls.  No greyhounds.

Monday, February 18, 2013

New Items by Old Authors

You've Heard of Them

A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy.  A painting for the cover.  Binchy died in July of 2012.  No information in the book is she wrote all of this, part of this, or if her name is now a corporate moniker.  I took three tries to type moniker without a keystroke error.  Monkier is a good word though.

Touch and Go by Lisa Gardner.  Gardener is not dead.  She has a well done author photo.  The photo looks to edited with everything around her lit face blacked out.  An appropriately dramatic presentation for a thriler novel.

Guilt by Jonathan Kellerman.  Kellerman has a beard in his author photo.  His photo follows the same style as Gardner's with Kellerman wearing black and having a dark grey, mottled background behind him.  Maybe this is the new style.

Deadly Stakes by J.A. Jance.  One of those AZ desert based novels rather than a Northwest US based novels.  Jance lives by Tucson.  Forgotten Weapons posted a match video from north of Tucson.

Hit Me by Lawrence Block.  Block's photo looks new also.  His is bright and cheery though.  I suppose that fits with this bright and cheery series of a paid killer.  I'm not sure if I read the novel preceding this one or not.  The Baker and Taylor slip of paper in this book says the whole shipment was processed with pride by Judith Trail.

You've Never Heard of Him

Bark River Chronicles: stories from a Wisconsin watershed by Milton J. Bates.  the Bark River begins northwest of Milwaukee and empties into Lake Koshkonong by Fort Atkinson.  Milton details his many canoeing trips along the river.  Amy Lutzke at Dwight Foster PL in Fort is listed in the acknowledgments.  Milton writes "this is not a guidebook."

Large Print

Vintage Ladybug Farm by Donna Ball.  What the heck does that mean?

The Road to Cardinal Valley by Earlene Fowler.  It means I am a robot.

Invisible Murder by Lene Kaaberbol and Agnette Friis.  A Danish robot.