Friday, December 07, 2012

Spider-Man's Guide to Parenting


The Amazing Spider-Man starring GuyPretendingtoBeTeenager and Denis Leary.  Peter meets his missing father's former partner and things happen.


Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: how to stop yelling and start connecting by Dr. Laura Markham.  "When you and your child ate stuck in negativity" Yep, that happens sometimes.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Another Anthropomorphic Fox


 [Book with anthropomorphic fox on cover] by Rita Mae Brown.


The Forgotten by David Baldacci.  Dalbacci took his author photo at 11:26.  I was thinking Baldacci was the guy who spoke at the Fort Atkinson library last year.  It was James Grippando who spoke, I looked it up.  The story I heard is that Grippando showed up because his sister lives in Fort and forced him to speak since he was in town for his niece's graduation.

Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich.  I do not know what time it was when Evanovich took her photo because he watch is turned to the side.  Evanovich and another author dude, Lee Goldberg, have been collaborated on a novel.  Goldberg does good stuff but I've only read one Evanovich novel.

Audiobook on CD

The Black Box by Michael Connelly.  I watched a DVD extra for The Lincoln Lawyer where a cameraman drove around Los Angeles and Connelly pointed out different locations and his own favorite spots.  Connelly lived in the apartment where Philip Marlowe lived in The High Window.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

1731 Minutes of Sex, Violence, Horses, CIA Agents, and Laughs


Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich.  5 CD at 6' 04". Stephanie Plum does something new and my wife is sure to read it.

Last Man by Vince Flynn.  10 CDs at 11'00".  Super good guy Mitch Rapp does derring do.

Running Wild by Linda Howard and Linda Jones.  10 CDs at 11'47".  A cowboy stands around with his hand son his belt buckle, his unbuttoned shirt wide open and falling from his shoulders, and his face hidden beneath his hat brim.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Seven Books with Twelve Total Title Words


Cold Days by Jim Butcher.  I got my feet underneath me, seized a computer chair by its back, and lifted it.

Private London by James Patterson Manufacturing Industries and Mark Pearson.  "You turning philosophical on me?"

Black Box by Michael Connelly.  "I told you all to get!" Briscoe called from behind her security gate.

Shiver by Karen Robards.  She glared at him.

Shadow Creek by Joy Fielding.  Shit, Jennifer thought, hearing Brianne and James return to their tent and thinking she should probably go out there and apologize to James again.

Nano by Robin Cook.  "Hey, Eric, they're on the move."

Threat Vector by Tom Clancy with Mark Greaney.  Chavez and Biery left through the garage door without another word.