Thursday, September 17, 2009

Honor Murders, Adoption, Coffee Drinking Madisonian, Humping Vampires


Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton. 8 CDs at 10 hours. This is the first Anita Blake novel with a 1993 copyright. That makes 16 years of vampires having group sex right? Or was that some fairys and werewolves thing?


No Time to Wave Goodbye by Jacquelyn Mitchard. Some sort of sequel to that Ocean book. The bio on the cover says Mitchard has seven kids. Seven?!

Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. Do all his book's need to have a beach or water scene on the cover? Teen of divorce spends summer with dad in NC and meets local hunk.

Beneath the Bleeding by Val McDermid. McDermid's crime novels have a big following. Psychologist Dr. Tony Hill assists the police in the murder of soccer star and then in the bombing of a stadium.

Over-Easy by S. Kay Weber. Vacationers in Door County, WI get drawn into a mystery.

Night Monster by James Swain. Former cop, and current private investigator, Jack Carpenter is asked by his daughter to help with a creep following her college basketball team around. Carpenter runs across a connection to a cold case from his cop days.


Murder in the Name of Honor: the true story of one woman's heroic fight against an unbelievable crime by Rana Husseini. Investigation into honor killings which happen about 5000 times a year around the world.

You Can Adopt by Susan Caughman and Isolde Motley. "From deciding to homecoming - practical advice and real-life stories from adoptive families."

Spanish for Gringos, 2nd Edition by William C. Harvey.

Large Print

206 Bones by Kathy Reichs.

Surrender Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee.

Chosen to Die by Lisa Jackson.

Ian Says

"You're so fluffy, I'm going to eat your nose."

Monday, September 14, 2009

Two Actors Demoted to B-List with a Stunt Casting and Michael Biehn


Streets of Blood starring Val Kilmer, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Sharon Stone, Michael Biehn. Six months after Hurricane Katrina two corrupt New Orleans cops are cutting loose. Like I said before, Val Kilmer DVDs always check out.