Thursday, February 17, 2011

Delays Due to Cataloging Issues

Cataloging Delays

After a recent software update by Sirsi all newly uploaded records are showing double. So we have not been unable to add new material. This is not too bad for a small library like ours but I imagine Beaver Dam, Racine, and West Bend are really annoyed. Here are some items that were already in the pipeline.


Heartwood by Belva Plain.

Large Print

Dead Zero by Stephen Hunter. Another love letter to .30 caliber rifle shooting. The novel is dedicated to Nick Ziolkowski.

Nashville Chrome by Rick Bass. Some sort of novel.


If your adolescent has depression or bipolar disorder by Dwight L. Evansm, M.D. and LInda Wasmer Andrews. Notice how I typed that title in cataloger style? No capitals but for the first word? What do you mean you don't care? What do you mean I barely passed my basic cataloging class?