Monday, September 15, 2008

Two From Rachel, Five From Ruth (Library Pages Not Biblical Figures)

Music CDs

19 by Adele. I think this is another one of those "I'll try that out." CDs. The gal was on Conan's show recently but I did not watch her performance. Here is a description.

from the Reach by Sonny Landreth. Louisiana slide guitar virtuoso. Guest appearance with Mark Knopfler, Robben Ford and others. One of those others is Dr. John. Dr. John creeps me out.


Keepsake by Tess Gerritsen. Staff at the Crispin Museum discover a long-lost Egyptian mummy in the Museum's basement storage. Whoops! Let me change that. Crispin Museum staff find a murder victim trussed up like a mummy in the basement. Then they find another one down there. Then an archeologist finds one in his car. "I don't remember putting that there..."
Gerritsen wrote a neat little piece one or two weeks ago regarding censorship. I had to figuratively open my big mouth and respond in a way that only readers of previous blog responses would have understood.

Creepers by Joanne Dahme. Courtney's house in rural Murmur, MA is surrounded by fields, farmland, and a cemetery. Everything is hunky-dory for Courtney until a couple strange locals inform her that her house was built on the foundation of a house that has a 300 year curse. This could be bad.

Obsession by Marshall Cook. Monona Quinn is on vacation with her husband in Northern Wisconsin at a writer's retreat. When the pompous ass of a writing teacher is killed Monona starts sleuthing.
Cook came and spoke at Lake Mills Rotary last week. Cook sets his Quinn mysteries in a fictionalized Marshall, WI. Quinn is a newspaper editor - giving her license to snoop around and ask questions - and her husband is... I don't remember what he does.


19th Wife by David Ebershoff. 19 hours on 15 discs. Ann Eliza has left her husband. Not too big a deal right? It happens every day. But not in 1875 Utah; not when your husband is Brigham Young. Ann starts a crusade against polygamy that ties into the present day story of family outcast Jordan out to discover "the truth behind his [polygamist] father's death."

Off Season by Anne River Siddons. Widow travels to favorite vacation spot in Maine to adjust to loss of husband.