Tuesday, October 24, 2017

3 Books + 1CD = Acoustic Weather Game of Wisconsin

The Power of Computers Will Transform This Digital Language Into Sound Waves 

Acoustic Rarities by Richard Thompson. English singer sings songs and performs fancy guitar playing.


Indian Mounds of Wisconsin, 2nd Edition by Robert A. Birmingham and Amy L Rosebrough. "Updated throughout, incorporating exciting new research and satellite imagery."

Fiction With Photo Critiques

Mind Game by Iris Johansen. This has Johansen's usual author photo. Johansen has written A LOT of novels. We have 88 copies of her work, in multiple formats, in Lake Mills.

Strange Weather: four short novels by Joe Hill. Hill looks very beardy in his photo. He looks like he'd have a full beard after growing it for a week or less. His brother and father recently published a collaboration but I cannot recall if they had author photos or not. I won't check either. I'll probably read this book by "Hill", I enjoyed two of his other novels.