Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stray Dog in the Library

Stray Dog

A girl came in the back door last night (August 24th) amidst lots of barking. I asked her if the dog outside was hers. She nervously said no. Her grandmother was still outside getting barked at and both were a bit scared of the dog.

I called 911 to get animal control - which for Lake Mills is contracted through the Humane Society. A local police officer showed up and tried to loop a dog catcher noose but the dog was too skittish and skittered away. The Officer was patient and trying not to injure or the dog, or get bitten.

The dog was not aggressive. He was just nervous and barky. Really barky. Woof, woof, woof, woof, bark, bark, woof, woof. The dog was hanging around the back door and not wandering off. I let him inside to see if that would calm him down and he did not.

Neither of us could coax the dog into the squad car. The dog had looked all over the library but was not satisfied that whoever he was looking for was not there. I left about fifteen minutes after close and the PO stayed for the dog catcher.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oops. There is a new one.


Ink Flamingos by Karen E. Olson. Fourth in the paperback series featuring Las Vegas tattoo artist Brett Kavanaugh. When hot shot rock'n'roller Dee Carmichael dies Brett is seen leaving the dead girl's hotel room. Except, is wasn't Brett. Uh-oh what will happen?
Will Brett start sleuthing?
Will Brett find the real killer?
Will Olson write about tattooing and Vegas scenery?
Will Olson's publisher continue to hire the same graphic artist who does the neat book covers for this series?
Will Olson buy me a new .45?

Nothing New - Musical Interlude

Musical Interlude

Liam Finn, as mentioned below by Dunedin, is the son of Neil Finn. Our copy of I'll be Lightning has circ'ed 17 times. I ordered the next album, Fomo, which releases this fall.

Off the first album.

Liam and the rest of his family were part of the 7 Worlds Collide concerts in Kiwi-land. Neil Finn invited musicians to Auckland to collaborate. The second album from 2009, The Sun Came Out, features songs and performances by several well-known musician types. A lesser known Kiwi dude is Don McGlashan.

I really like the whole double album of Sun. There is a neat tune by the bassist from Wilco, John Stirratt. This one is by Johnny Marr and Jeff Tweedy, Too Blue.