Tuesday, November 04, 2008

World of Facts About Sex With The Packers


Divine Justice by David Baldacci. John Carr assassinated the two men who ruined his life. Now the U.S. government is after him and the "Camel Club" is there to help.

A Good Woman by Danielle Steel. There is a heavily sepai toned photo of the Eiffel Tower on the cover.
I was visiting my parents over the weekend and The Old Man showed me a two page advert for this novel. I sneered.

A Christmas Grace by Anne Perry. A heartwarming and delightful story of Christmas and murder on the west coast of Ireland.


Green Bay Love Stories and Other Affairs by Sandy Sullivan. Sullivan was a 19 year old model in Milwaukee in 1961 when she started having lots of sex with lots of Packers players.

Darwin Awards: next evolution: chlorinating the gene pool by Wendy Northcutt. Because it is fun making fun of dead people and painful accidents.

Firefly's World of Facts by Russell Ash. A kind of World Records book. You used to read the Guinness book as a kid, right? Well it is still fun to look through this stuff. You'll find it in the kids' section in the basement.

Classic Country by Kathryn M. Ireland. Home design.
A donation by the great and mighty [Anonymous] family. Two small dogs on an outdoor couch in the cover photo.