Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Fiction Things

Old Gray Wolf by James D. Ross.  Trouble and violence.

Sins of the Mother by Danielle Steel.  Trouble and family.

Sanctuary by Ted Dekker.  Trouble and prison.

Astray by Emma Donoghue.  Trouble and an elephant.

Giving Quit by Jennifer Chiaverini.  Trouble and stitching.

Winter Dream by Richard Paul Evans.  Trouble and Christmas.

Christmas Garland by Anne Perry.  Trouble and "exotic India".

Audiobooks on CD Things

Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling.  Trouble and 18 hours.

The Twelve by Justin Cronin.  Trouble and 26.5 hours.

The Racketeer by John Grisham.  Trouble and 12.75 hours.

NonFiction Thing

Heavy Hitter Sales Linguistics by Steve W. Martin.  Trouble and "recognizing the customer placebo" trouble.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Canadians, Crows, and Cooder

Musical notes and singing digitized and phyiscally embedded onto a shiny surface for playback.

Carry Me Back by Old Crow Medicine Show. reviewer says: It isn't easy straddling two different centuries with one's sound and style, but Old Crow Medicine Show pull it off once again on their fourth studio album, the Ted Hutt-produced Carry Me Back, a ragged, breakneck romp that crackles with more energy than a thrash band on Red Bull.

Antennas to Hell by Slipknot.  I thought "attennas" had an extra "e" in it.  Metal guys play metal music.  Booklet has blood and guts imagery.

Spark Seeker by Matisyahu.  Reggae rapper from New York.

Election Special by Ry Cooder.  Cooder complains on politics.

Audiobook on CD

Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny.  11 CDs at 13.5 hours.  Quebec cop Inspector Gamache investigate a murdered monk.


Headshot starring [Thais and guns].  Policeman is blackmailed and "becomes disillusioned by the state of human nature", starts killing people for pay, shaves his head, sees things upside-down.

Le Havre starring [French].  Shoe shiner in Le Havre takes in a stowaway boy who stranded in the port town.

Moonrise Kingdom starring Bill Murray.  Two 12-year-olds run away for the summer.  Adults look.

Walking Dead: the complete second season starring [actors].  Zombies walk around and eat people.  Non-zombies try to escape.

Big News and Small News

Big News

Fundraising goal achieved.  We will soon request bids for general contracting.

Goal achieved!

Small News

I got rid of my cardboard coffee cup sleeves.

Leftover coffee sleeves