Thursday, September 07, 2017

Are Those Upside Down?


Two War, One Batman, One Cookery, Five WiFi


Faces of War: the untold story of Edward Steichen's WWII photographs by Mark D. Faram. Steichen founded the Aviation Photographic Unit. The Unit told the story of the war and it's members were an "influence on generations of postwar photographers."

The Vietnam War: an intimate history by Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns.  Coffee table book published in conjunction with the new miniseries on Vietnam. I was just flipping through and saw they spoke to Karl Malantes. Malantes wrote a novel based on his time there, Matterhorn, and a memoir, What It Is Like To Go To War.


Batman Rebirth: deluxe edition: book 1 by Tom King, David Finch, Mikel Janin.  Batman battles bad b*astards by bashing, bonking and boshing beside Batman's buddies.


Nadiya's Kitchen by Nadiya Hussein. Woman with a popular cooking show writes a cookbook.


We received five new mobile WiFi hotspots. Once I get them labeled they will go out for checkout.