Thursday, June 28, 2007

Assorted Good Things


175 Best Jobs Not Behind a Desk by Michael Farr and Laurence Shatkin. "Would you rather work outdoors or in a physically active job than be chained to a desk? Fortunately, many high-activity jobs have good earnings and are expected to grow. Now you can easily pinpoint the top-gear gear careers that suit you best."

Precalculus Demystified: a self-teaching guide by Rhonda Huettenmueller. Clear and concise solutions. I just saw that the actress who played Winnie in The Wonder Years, Danica McKellar, has a new math book coming out entitled Math Doesn't Suck.

Critical Perspectives on Pollution Stephanie Watson, editor. Aimed at the high school crowd with essays grouped into the topics Environmental Fallout, Human Toll, Animals in the Wake, and Forging a Cleaner Future.


Con Ed by Matthew Klein. A beautiful blonde offers recently release con Kip a chance to swindle her billionaire husband. A con is never as easy as it sounds. But, after the blonde sweetens the deal and Kip finds his son in hock to Russian mobsters the deal is too good to pass up.

Unknown Terrorist by Richard Flanagan. Australian stripper Gina has a brief hook-up with a surfer dude. Gina wakes up to see the surfer's face plastered across the news and proclaimed a terrorist. Gina becomes Australia's Most Wanted and goes on the run.

Rat Run by Gerald Seymour. Seymour always writes really solid thrillers. Usually with a espionage bent, Seymour's last several novels have set his English characters in the Middle East. Former Intelligence Officer Malachy Kitchen was kicked out of the Army under suspicion of cowardice in Iraq. Back in England, Malachy starts his own fight against the local drug gangs in his neighborhood in an effort to redeem his pride and ends up butting heads with a local crimelord who is importing a terrorist in his next shipment.

Medicus: a novel of the Roman Empire by Ruth Downie. A roman Doctor stuck in the hinterlands of Britannia buys an abused slave girl and investigates why all the local prostitutes are missing.

Simply Magic by Mary Balogh. A romance.


In the Woods by Tana French. 23 years ago three children went to play in the woods outside Dublin. Only one was found. Now that survivor is a detective on the Murder Squad and when an identical crime occurs he must use his slivers of memory to try and solve the crime.

Hard Man by Alan Guthrie. The great and mighty Guthrie returns with another tale of Scottish tough guys. Ex-con Pearce is asked to protect a pregnant sixteen year old from her violent, martial-arts-expert husband Baxter. Baxter isn't the father and when he hears Pearce is involved in his wife's protection he kills Pearce's dog. Now Pearce is angry.

Love Kills by Edna Buchanan. Former reporter Britt Montero has been hiding away in solitude for three years ever since her cop boyfriend was killed. Now the Cold Case Squad wants to talk to her at the same time Britt finds out a recent widower may not be just a widower.

Grave Tattoo by Val McDermid. A weirdly tattoed body is uncovered in the English Lake District. Is the local tale that Fletcher Christian snuck back to England from Pitcairn Island and stayed with old friend, and poet, William Wordsworth true? Wordsworth specialist Jane Gresham hunts for the rest of the story about a secret Wordsworth manuscript and finds herself hunted as well.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fictional Swedes, Trojans, and Mannies

Manny by Holly Peterson. Holly Peterson's workaholic husband is never around so Manhattanite Holly hires a male nanny - a manny - to be a role model for her troubled 9 year old son. Frazzled career girl Holly is impressed with more than manny Jamie's childcare skills and wonders if he will ground her flighty life or sweep her away.

Innocent as Sin by Elizabeth Lowell. Rand McCree's self imposed exile in the woods has come to an end when he gets the name of the man who murdered his twin brother five years ago. Kayla Shaw escapes a kidnapping attempt to find her accused of laundering money through her banking job. When the killer of McCree's brother targets Kayla McCree is the only one to keep her alive.

Troy: Shield of Thunder by David Gemmell. Blood feuds, fierce battles, and remarkable courage in a sharply detailed tale of the siege of Troy and the competing loves and conspiracies of the Kings involved.

Blood Spilt by Asa Larsson. Larsson is the winner of Sweden's best crime novel award. Scandinavian noir set in the long days of midsummer Sweden. A rural female priest has been murdered and former big-city attorney Rebekah sees parallels to religious murders she was involved in before.

Quickie by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. Devoted wife Lauren has a revenge affair when she discovers her husband was cheating on her. Lauren witnesses a brutal crime at the same time as her affair but revealing her knowledge would reveal her infidelity.

Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich. Stephanie is asked by Ranger to meet with her ex-husband Dickie to find out if he is up to something shady. When Dickie goes missing, Stephanie is a suspect.

Double Agents by W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV. Another novel following the OSS through World War Two.

Bungalow 2 by Danielle Steel. Tanya Harris gets a call to be sriptwriter for an A-List producer. Living for a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel Tanya leave sher family behind as she is seduced by the glamour of her new job.

Large Print Fiction

Target by Stella Cameron. The three siblings living in Point Judah, Louisiana are the only survivors of a 20 yeard old mass murder in California. In hiding ever since their childhood commune was slaughtered by it's leader, Colin, the discovery of the bodies leads the murderous Colin back to them.

Hot Stuff by Janet Evanovich and Leanne Banks. Boston southsider Cate Madigan is saving her bartending income to move to a nice and quiet place. Then her missing roommate, Marty, sends her a 120 lbs Bull Mastiff dog for Cate to care for and Cate's apartment is broken into. Now, Cate has stalkers and a possibley dangerous cop after her.

Absolute Fear by Lisa Jackson. Eve returns to New Orleans to escape the memory of her friend's murder and the fact that her former lover, Cole, did the crime. When Cole is released bizarre killings trace back to the former asylum where Eve's doctor father used to bring Eve to work when she was a child.

Wedding Officer by Anthony Capella. Officer James Gould is in charge of approving weddings between servicemen and locals in 1944 Naples, Italy. Gould's efficiency against corruption leads to the locals to try and distract him by setting Gould up with a new cook, the beautiful Livia.

Hunter's Moon by Randy Wayne White. Florida fisherman Doc Ford saves a former president from assassination. With only a short time to live, the president decides Ford is the man to spring him from his security detail and help him investigate his dead wife's plane crash in Nicaragua.

Devil Who Tamed Her by Johanna Lindsey. Ophelia's reputation was destroyed when she purposefully wrecked her engagement to the future marquis of MacTavish. MacTavish's best friend Raphael Locke wonders whether Ophelia is all bad and bets his friend her can turn her into a kind-hearted lady.

Double Take by Catherine Coulter. Julia Ransom's psychic husband was murdered and now Julia is struck on the head and thrown into San Francisco Bay. Charlotte Pallack may be the missing wife of Virginia Sheriff Dixon Noble. FBI Special Agents Savich and Sherlock put the clues together.

Back on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber. Members of the knitting class at A Good Yarn yarnshop share their stories and personal turmoils.