Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Musical Interlude and a Bookmark

Musical Interlude

Another band, The Ex-Lovers, I heard on BBC6.


Some libraries keep track of the odd things used as bookmarks.  We do not keep track but I did find this 11 year old ticket in a donated paperback.

Bookmark from a donated paperback

Monday, July 09, 2012

Two Wisconsin Books


Green Bay Packers: trials, triumphs, and tradition by William Povletich.  A hisotry of the team from 1921 onward.  Many, many photos.  Page 119 says, "NFL owners continued to ignore the prospects generated by the new league's revolutionary television contracts of years past, choosing to abide by their antiquated, individual-team television contracts of years past."

Return to Wake Robin: one cabin in the heyday of Northwoods resorts by Marnie O. Mamminga.  The author is a graduate of THE GREAT AND MIGHTY UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS - GO ILLINI!  ILL-INI.  A multi-generational family history of every summer near Hayward, WI.  Many, many photos but no bikini shots.  Page 82 says, "Here she proudly displays her trophy-sized musky, circa late 1950s."