Saturday, May 29, 2010

More Of That Glee Crap

Music on CD

The Music of Glee: The Power of Madonna by CastOfShow.

Possible subtitles include:
Crappy Music to Melt Your Ears

Madonna Is A Skank
This Show Blows; Except For the Slutty Cheerleaders
I Like Scotch, But I'd Need a Gallon to Sit Through an Episode of This Crap

Wash The Taste Out of Mouth


It's Entertainment by Celtic Thunder. Concert DVD from five guys. Are they really all Irish? This was a donation and after checking circs on other items from these guys I figured the DVD would check out.

Hell, any music item with the word "Celtic" in it will check out. I could record myself getting drunk at a karaoke bar singing Thin Lizzy and U2 songs in a bad accent and release a DVD.

Burn Notice: Season Three starring Bruce Campbell, and some really thin people. But, not Bruce Campbell. That guy is now chubby-chub-chubs.

Glee: Season One, Volume One: The road to sectionals starring [Actors]. Just fast forward to the slutty cheerleader parts and skip past the awful renditions of pop songs.

Five Minutes of Heaven
starring Liam Neeson and James Nesbitt. Eleven year old boy witnesses his older teenage brother murdered by the IRA. Thirty years later the killer is released from prison and the two are scheduled to meet on television show. Things happen.


The Rancher's Promise by Jillian Hart. Some romance with horses. There is a gal, Ann Voss Peterson, who lives in Middleton who writes romances. I figure I'll try out a couple of her books here.

Live to Tell by Wendy Corsi Staub. Thriller or mystery or something.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DVDs With South African Accents, Army Lingo, Talking Tools


The Messenger starring ThatPotHeadFromCheers. Two soldiers assigned to notify family of combat deaths.

Invictus starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. I'll bet you most anything that college rugby players sit around drinking beer and watching this movie on the weekends. I'll assume this picture did well in NZ, except for that last game of course. Australians, outside of Queensland, probably did not give damn. Fijians must have liked it. Who I am missing? The Limeys?

I bought an All Blacks necktie as a gift for my father when I was in Auckland in '92.

Cool Stuff to Sew With Sara by TeenageGirl. Teenager shows you how to sew stuff. "Make it tonight, use it tomorrow."

Handy Manny: Big Race starring ThatGuyFromThat'70sShow. Handy and the tools help Kelly's brother fix up a car to race and Manny enters the race. This was a good one. I've heard the Manny soundtrack so many times, and I like it almost as much as my children do.

Monday, May 24, 2010

NonFiction Action Pack! Socks! Depression! JavaScript!


Save My 401(k)!: what you can do now to rebuild your retirement future by David Rye. Get back what you lost! Ride the market to victory! Retire to the Bahamas with a blond-haired trophy wife!

Depression Answer Book: professional answers to more than 275 critical questions about medication, therapy, support and more by Wes Burgess, MD, PhD. Conquer depression! Eat Zoloft! Buy a book advertised inside the back cover!

Socks by Chrissie Day. Knit your way to warmth! Impress your friends! Embarrass your kids!

McGraw-Hill's ASVAB by Dr. Janet E. Wall. Join the Mariens! Sail to Australia! Get drunk in a Freemantle bar and make out with a local chick!

QuickBooks 2010: the official guide for QuickBooks Pro users by Leslie Capachietti. Pay bills! Record the information! Obsess on the stock market!

Big Buy Cooking: the food lover's guide to buying in bulk and using it all up edited by Fine Cooking. Buy five gallons of mayonnaise! Buy a gallon of scotch! Combine the two in drunken brawl with your ex-wife!

Quicken 2010: the official guide by Maria Langer. Track your expenses! Bank online! Wonder if you should have bought QuickBooks instead!

Remodeling a Basement by Roger German. Tear out your walls! Strip out your wiring! Hire a professional to fix up the mess you made!

JavaScript, 3rd Edition by John Pollock. Sit in a dark room staring at a screen! Drink canned "energy" drinks! Convince yourself you're hip!

More Not So Big Solutions for Your Home by Susan Susanka. Cram everything you own into a small house! Take pretty pictures! Put them in a book! Wish you had more space! Eat some donuts!

Leave Your French Press Coffee Maker at Home by Gerard the Library Director. Say "Damn" when you remember you forgot the press! Make coffee with that crappy drip maker! Fondly recall the coffee you drank yesterday morning!

Write Nonsense Online By Gerard the Staller. Put off doing any real work! Stare at the paperwork on your desk! Wonder if you have anything fun to do today at work!