Thursday, October 25, 2007

More Audiobooks, More Large Print, More This, More That


Bill of Wrongs: the Executive Branch's assault on America's fundamental rights by Molly Ivins. Change this book around and the title could be a complaint about Pres. Clinton.

Clapton: the autobiography by Eric Clapton. Drug. Drugs. Drugs. Drugs. Drugs. Booze. Booze. Booze. Guitar playing.

Be the Pack Leader by Cesar Millan. The "dog whisperer" fella from television.

Shoot Him if He Runs by Stuart Woods. If you don't want to read the regular or large print versions you can listen to the CD version.

Now and Then by Robert B. Parker. Same as the print version listed below.


Futurama Conquers the Universe by Matt Groenig (and a bunch of his peons). Six stories. I have the new straight-to-DVD movie on order.

Large Print

Ministry of Special Cases by Nathan englander. Argentina's Dirty War against it's own people seen by Kaddish Poznan who has been rejected by his fellow Jews in Buenos Aires.

Where Angels Go by Debbie Macomber. Three angels - Shirley, Goodness and Mercy - help people out during Christmas.

Slipknot by Linda Greenlaw. Jane moves back to Maine after too much violence in Miami. Finds a Maine murder anyway.

White Heat by Cherry Adair. Terrorism tied up in staged suicide of art restorer.

Family Acts by Louise Shaffer. Two strangers are informed they are joint inheritors of a rundown opera house in Georgia. What's the connection?

Coming Undone by Susan Andersen. Wild woman Priscilla is about to break out as a country music superstar. After firing her manager Priscilla's record company assigns studly Jared to keep an eye on her.

Consequences by Penelope Lively. Wealthy Lorna marries poor artist Matt and move to a village in Somerset and have a child. Things are great until World War Two.

Blaze by Richard Bachman. One of Stephen King's first Bachman novels. King found it sitting and cleaned it up for publication. A crime story about mentally challenged Blaze who works with an experienced crook.

Science Fiction

Fleet of Worlds: 200 years before the discovery of the Ringworld by Larry Niven and Edward M. Lerner.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Heavy Metal and Spanish CDs plus the usual suspects


The Art of Partying by Municipal Waste. Some dude on a FARK discussion was plugging these dudes and I got to thinking that I should order some heavy metal bands. Here is a review.

15 Rayos by Kinto Sol. A compilation album by the three Garcia brothers. Hip-hop social commentary. The Garcia's used to live in Milwaukee, then went to Chicago.


A Woman in Charge by Carl Bernstein. "Stunning portrait of Hillary Rodham Clinton shows us, as nothing else has, the true trajectory of her life and career with its zigzag bursts of risks taken and safety audiobook that enables us, at last, to address the questions Americans are insistently - even obsessively - asking about Hillary Clinton: What is her character? What is her political philosophy? Who is she? What can we expect of her?"

The War: an intimate history: 1941 - 1945 by Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns. The audio version of the book version of the PBS mini-series.

The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. Young single dude falls for new, redheaded neighbor.

You've Been Warned by James Patterson. Would be professional photographer Kristin works full-time as a nanny. Kristin also has a forbidden lover. When she has a shot for a show at a Manhattan gallery her love life threatens her career.


A Lick of Frost by Laurell K. Hamilton. Vampire sex. Or, maybe, "faerie" sex.

Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon. Father Tim retires from Mitford returns to Holly Springs, Mississippi after 38 years and finds some personal connections to his past still remain.


Musicophilia: tales of music and the brain by Oliver Sacks. "From a man who is struck by lightning and suddenly inspired to become a pianist at the age of forty-two, to an entire group of children with Williams syndrome who are hypermusical from birth; from with 'amusia,' to whom a symphony sounds like the clattering of pots and pans, to a man whose memory spans only seven seconds - for everything but music."

Yale Book of Quotations edited by Fred S. Shapiro. An accurate quotation book that corrects misperceptions with an emphasis on modern quotes.

My Grandfather's Son: a memoir by Clarence Thomas. Justice Thomas was raised by his grandfather in Savannah, Georgia. Thomas' teacher called him an underachiever when he was 14. "I took her words to heart."

Large Print

Week from Sunday by Dorothy Garlock. Adrianna has to marry in a week to receive her father's estate.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Flavorful Assortment


Planet Terror starring Rose McGowan, Freddy Rodriguez, Michael Biehn, Jeff Fahey, Josh Brolin. A purposefully B-Movie with B-level actors. Except for Michael Biehn, that guy is great.

Hoax starring Richard Gere, Alfred Molina, Marcia Gay Harden. Clifford Irving convinces a publisher that he was asked by Hoard Hughes to pen Hughes' autobiography. Irving devices an "elaborate scheme to prove his fake manuscript is real."

Transformers starring Shia LeBouf, Tyrese Gibson, Josh Duhamel, Anthony Anderson. Tripe.


Blink of an Eye by Ted Dekker. A Saudi princess and a genius surfer dude hook-up as targets of a California manhunt.

Now and Then by Robert B. Parker. Spenser investigates an unfaithfull wife. Husband kills several people. Dead wife's lover blames Spenser. Dead wife's lover is terrorist financier. Terrorist financier goes after Spencer's girlfriend. Spenser has a hissy-fit with guns.

Pandora's Daughter by iris Johansen. Some schizophrenic gal doctor is psychic and people want to kill her. Or something like that.


U.S. Coin Digest 2008: the complete guide to current market values.

Guinness World Records 2008. "With glow in the dark features." With: Most Votes for a Chimpanzee in a Political Campaign, Longest Beet, Oldest Female to Row an Ocean, Largest Hotel Complex.

Leviathan: the history of whaling in America by Eric Jay Dolin. I've recently read a few sea stories that involved whaling and the industry sounds fascinating. Whale oil was the main source of fuel for lighting and used for in production of soap, textiles, leather, paints, etc.

See You in a Hundred Years: forgotten America by Logan Ward. Heather and Logan take young son, move to Virginia and live with only 100 year old technology. Apparently they forgot that Brownie cameras were available 100 years ago because they didn't add any photos to the dang book.

Giving: how each of us can change the world by Bill Clinton.

Unruly Americans and the Origins of the Constitution by Woody Holton. The successfull efforts by ordinary Americans to force democracy back to the forefront after the Framers got scared of too much freedom and focused on commerce.

I Am America (and So Can You) by Stephen Colbert. Awarded the Stephen T. Colbert Award for the Literary Excellence.

Private Soldiers: a year in Iraq with a Wisconsin National Guard unit by Benjamin Buchholz. A photo history.

Spanish Language Books for Adults


I attended a program at WLA that past week that addressed Spanish speaking Library users. One suggestion was to not buy Spanish language translations of popular authors like Stephen King because readers will just read the original English versions instead. I had independently decided on that three weeks ago when I was selecting these titles. But, it's tough to choose titles when the authors are from Colombia or Chile. So, I cheated and bought a few translations.

El Jardin de las Fieras by Jeffrey Deaver.

Esta Que Ves by Xavier Velasco.

Cielo de Tango by Elsa Osorio.

Muerte Natural y Otros Suicidios by Eduvigis Hernandez

Cell by Stephen King.

El Amante Turco by Esmeralda Santiago.

El Reino: la victoria final by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

Cien Anos de Soledad by Gabirel Garcia Marquez.

Ines de Alma Mia by Isabel Allende.

Inmoral by Brian Freeman.

Hija de la Memoria by Kim Edwards.

Fantasmas de Pasado by Nicholas Sparks.

Adios Muchachos by Daniel Chavarria.


Yoha: como Metodo de Relajacion by Anna Trokes.

Papa Rico, Papa Pobre by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Como Comprar una Vivienda para Dummies by Eric Tyson.

La Disciplina hasta los Tres Anos by Jeanne Warren Lindsay and Sally McCullough.

Consiga un Trabajo Hoy by Luis Cortes, Jr.

Amuletos, Esencias y Sahumerios Para el Hogar by Abu D. Napir.

Ayudate a ti Mismo by Dave Pelzer.

Una Vida con Proposito by Rick Warren.

Su Mejor vida Ahora by Joel Osteen.

La gramatica de la Astrologia by Zadkiel.

Alimentos Sanadores Para el Sobrepeso edited by Aurora Giribaldi.

Ingles para Conversar: Ingles en 100 Dias.