Friday, July 22, 2011

Greasy Little Punks And Their Electrified Guitars, Wiggling Around and Grunting. Howling!

Music on CD

Time in a Bottle: Jim Croce's greatest love songs by Jim Croce. Plane wreck death? I don't recall.

GP/Grievous Angel by Gram Parsons. Parsons was supposed to be highly influential in the late '60s and early '70s by mixing country and rock. His musician pals dug his sound and went on to man popular and big selling bands. Parsons killed himself with booze and drugs.

Band of Gypsys by Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix killed himself with drugs, too.

The Soft Parade by The Doors. Also dead by drugs. This album does not have any famous tunes.

Time Out of Mind by Bob Dylan. Dylan pre- and post-dates all those dead guys. I saw him play in Champaign, IL last fall. His guitarist was Charlie Sexton. Sexton was a guitar prodigy in Texas and had this tune rotate on MTV for a time in about 1985.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Six More CDs of Idolatrous, Devil Music LEading Our Nation Into Communism and Fluoridation

Music on CD - We received a box of donations and I added several older, famous albums that are not elsewhere in the catalog.

Green River by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Mirror Ball by Neil Young. I've never much cared about Young but do like a few tunes.

Music on CD (that was incorrectly processed and needs to be redone)

Vauxhall and I by Morrissey. I was going to get a haircut this coming week. Maybe I should just add more hair "products" and Morrissey it.

Nilsson Schmilsson by Harry Nillson.

Diamond Dogs by David Bowie. This is one of the re-releases from Ryko that came out 20 years ago.

whitechocolatespaceegg by Liz Phair.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Music: Mormons, Ivers, Hitchcock, Weird Al, Secret Sisters

Plastic Discs, Upon Which Is A Thin Layer of Metal Unto Which Special Digital Signals Are Recorded And Then Translated, Using Special Equipment, Into Audible Musical Notes, and Singing Human Voices, And Amplified Through Special Equipment For Your Hearing Pleasure.

O Holy Night by Jackie Evancho. I bought this? Maybe this is the current "Little girl with "voice of an angel'" kid. Two discs.

The Book of Mormon by Original Broadway Cast. Includes a thick booklet full of lyrics and photos that does not want to STAY IN THE DANG CASE!

Codes and Keys by Death Cab For Cutie. Death Cab For Cutie was recently awarded the prestigious Stupidest Band Name Ever award.

Jagjaguwaa by Bon Iver. This dude was in some magazine, and on tv, getting shilled by Michael Perry, promoted through media in Madison. I have not idea who he is.

Propellor Time by Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3. I like Hitchcock's work.

The King is Dead by The Decemberists. Is this a hipster band? I think it might be. You know, ironic or "vintage" t-shirts, PBR beer, aviator sunglasses, sideburns... Oh, maybe not. Glenn, regular library patron and music fan, just now expressed interest.

Alpocalypse by Weird Al Yankovic. One CD and one DVD. Parodies of Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and a Doors parody about Craigslist.

The Secret Sisters by The Secret Sisters. Two gals I heard on the CBC one day. One of them tried out at a performers showcase in Nashville and was invited back. She brought her sister along for the second performance. The first song is the best. The rest are well done but are covers of tunes you've already heard a bunch of times.

Now That's What I call Music!: 38 featuring [Who? What? Does no one own a dictionary?]


Split Second by Catherine Coulter. 419 pages.

Happy Birthday by Danielle Steel [supposedly]. Queen... gracious... arbiter... divorce... penthouse... hairdressers... bone structure... truth... prospect... consumes... thirty... football... memorable... whack... upside... brimming... insight... itself... always.

Large Print

When Passion Rules by Johanna Lindsey. Half-naked dude in tight pants on the cover.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program (SRP)

This year's SRP had almost 350 registrations. This is the last week of programming and ends with a Scholastic Book Fair. Kids who finished the reading program receive a five dollar credit towards the book sale.

SRP Book Sale

SRP Book Sale

Therapy Dogs

We had a few therapy dogs join us through the summer. Kids signed up for 15 minute segments to read to the dogs.

This Whippet listened to kids for two hours and then volunteered to shelf read.
Reading to Dogs

Reading to Dogs

Portuguese Water Poodles prefer regency romances.
Reading to Dogs

Summer Reading Program 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Warped, Tavern Going Dragons Occupying Iraq for Geothermal Work


A Dance of Dragons by George R.R. Martin. Book five in the series adapted into a SEAN BEAN vehicle by HBO.


The Smart Guide to Geothermal by Donal Blaise Lloyd. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's "green". Did you also know it saves a crap load of money? Lake Mills Middle School has a geothermal set-up and it is very neat-o.

Tavern League: portraits of Wisconsin Bars by Carl Corey. No Lake Mills representation. I gotta tell you though, some of the pictured people just look like bar owners. There is a location index in the back of the book but this is really crying out for a map. I was going to link to some online photos but the publisher does not have any good ones. You can watch the PBS NewsHour piece about the book.

Iraq War and Occupation: a struggle for democracy by D.C. Everest Area Schools. Oral history project edited by students in Weston, WI. Okay. I admit I was sneering at this book when I first saw it. I expected an amateurish publication. I just looked through and was impressed. I'll probably read this.

The Book of U.S. Government Jobs, 11th edition by Dennis V. Damp. I want a job in Australia with free airfare for my family, a nice house, and allowance for two cars. Nice cars, too. One of those souped up Holdens. And beer money. And allowance for four trips back to the U.S. per year. And two months vacation. And a gun license and ammo allowance so I can shoot IPSC.

Music on CD

Vans Warped Tour: 2011 featuring Paramoure and 49 other bands that I never heard of.

Now That's What I Call Country: Volume 4 featuring Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood and many other pop singers masquerading as country music.


Forager's Harvest: a guide to identifying , harvesting, and preparing edible wild plants by Samuel Thayer. Two discs. The boys and I should watch this and take a guidebook into the woods the next Saturday my wife works.