Friday, February 11, 2011

Large Print and a Piccirilli

AudioBook on CD

The Cold Spot by Tom Piccirilli, 7 hours on 6 CDs. The first novel in Piccirilli's great series with former wheelman and crook, Chase.

This morning I received an email in my junk box from Piccirilli asking for assistance. He is in Southern England on vacation and has lost his money and passport! Oh, what disaster! Please help me!
I assume the real Piccirilli is not pleased with someone using his name for a scam.

Large Print

Strategic Moves by Stuart Woods. Front cover has illustration of car crashing into a swimming pool. I could try and draw parallels between the cover and the current state of ghost writing. But, this series is still popular so the publisher must be hiring good ghost writers.

Secrets to the Grave by Tami Hoag. Murder mystery.

The Sentry by Robert Crais. Large print version of the Joe Pike novel.

Marrying Daisy Bellamy by Susan Wiggs.

Casting About by Terri Dulong. The cover implies the plot involves knitting.

Waking up in Dixie by Haywood Smith.

Separate Beds by Elizabeth Buchan.

Music on CD

Songs of Leonard Cohen by Leonard Cohen. Do you really like his songs or are you being hip?