Thursday, October 04, 2018

A Book. A Movie. An Instructional DVD.


Red War by Kyle Mills. Mills continues to write stories about Mitch Rapp who kills people or something. Is he a super spy? I'm not certain. I knida want to see the movie version but have not gotten to it yet.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom starring [actors]. Set three years after the last movie. I never watched that one either. Oh, Hey! Ted Levine is in this. Sweet. Bryce Dallas Howard played herself in Arrested Development and was insulting her real-life sister who also played herself. I really enjoyed that scene.

Instructional DVD

make Ready to Survive: shelter, fire, water by Dave Canterbury. "Canterbury reviews your survival kit resources including making a fire, fire bed and lays, three stages of fuel, primitive fire resources, water collection, boiling water, clothing, shelters and more."