Thursday, March 20, 2014

Beer, Korea, Kennedy, Murder


Korea Reborn: a grateful nation honors war veterans for 60 years of growth.  Produced as a war and country history.  Page 49 says, "We were totally surrounded," Byers said, "and we didn't think we were getting out of there.  We just thought, 'Kill as many of them as we can because we're going to die anyway." being a Pfc., I didn't get to talk to commanders; we didn't know anything about the strategy of the war.  All I saw was my platoon sergeant, and he just said, 'Keep firing.'"

The Day Kennedy Died: 50 yars later LIFE remembers the man and the moment edited by Robert Sullivan.  Big honking coffee table book.

Oxford Companion to Beer edited by Garrett Oliver.  No entries for Tyranena Brewing. New Glarus is in here.  Lion Nathan in New Zealand is in here.  I really enjoyed Lion Red when I visited there.

Secret Life Secret Death by Genevieve Davis.  Secret family history and Chicago prostitution and organized crime.  See Below.


Secret Life Secret Death directed by Genevieve Davis.