Thursday, October 17, 2013

Three Flicks: Spartan Pain Company


Pain and Gain starring Tony Shalhoub and Blond Actress In Slinky Outfit.  Personal trainers go into crime.  Trouble ensues.

The Company You Keep starring Robert Redford, Stanley Tucci's Bald Head.  Former domestic terrorist is unveiled.  Or something.

Go Tell The Spartans starring Burt Lancaster, the Beast Master.  I read a very positive review of this overlooked war flick from 1978.  The DVD was only $5.18 so I bought it.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

God Is Not Doing hard Time With Doctor Sleep

Large Print

Doing Hard Time with Stuart Woods.  How much do you think his ghost writers make?

Final Cut by Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison.  English cop heads to New York when his colleague guarding the crown jewels is murdered.

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King.  Sequel to The Shining.

Silencing Eve by Iris Johansen.  One of those knife-in-boot novels.

Audio Books on CD

Starry Night by Debbie Macomber.  5 CDs at 5.5 hours  Because people like Macomber novels.

Longest Night by Nicholas Sparks.  11 CDs at 13 hours.  Yet another freaking romance from Sparks.

Gone by James Patterson Literary Industries, Amalgamated and Michael Ledwidge.  7 CDs at 8 hours.  Mexican crime lord kills people.  Hero is one of the crime lord's targets.

Levels of Life by Julian Barnes.  3 CDs at 3 hours.  I read one of his books, Sense of an Ending.  It was decent.

The Double by George Pelecanos.  6 CDs at 7.5 hours.  More Pelecanos crime in D.C.

God is Not Mad at You: you can experience real love, acceptance & guilt-free living by Joyce Meyer.  7 CDs at 7.5 hours.  "Joyce will help those who haven't truly received God's love because they are afraid of His anger and disapproval."

Freakin' Cheatin'


Freakin' Fabulous on a Budget by Clinton Kelly.  TV guy writes another book.  P. 225 says, "IS this a good outfit for a hooker?"

Wheelmen: Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France, and the greatest sports conspiracy ever by Reed Albergotti and Vanessa O'Connell.

Design for Living: Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontaine: a biography by Margot Peters.  Our other copy went missing.  This was donated a couple days ago so we're adding it in.

Kate: the future Queen by Katie Nicholl.  Page 141 says, "Camilla, meanwhile, took it upon herself to advise Kate on royal etiquette." 


Bridget Jones: mad about the boy by Helen Fielding.  Book about stuff.

Identical by Scott Turow.  "Tangle of deception".

What Doesn't Kill Her by Max Allan Collins. Iowan writes another book.

Wolves of Midwinter by Anne Rice.  Something about werewolves.

Fingal O'Reilly, Irish Doctor by Patrick Taylor.  Popular series according to the dustcover. 

Just One Evil Act by Elizabeth George.  719 pages.  Page Page 43 says, "She was shopping for him as well."


Iron Man 3 starring CGI Explosions, CGI Flying, CGI, Crashing, CGI Laboratories, Robert Downey, Jr.  Iron Man flies around, makes wisecracks, fights bad guys.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Does not Live in Wisconsin

Large Print

The Why of Things by Elizabeth Hartley Winthrop.  Born in New York City (according to the internet).  She attended Harvard and UC-Irvine.  That seems like a step down in status, ask her about it at


A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki.  Ozeki grew up in Connecticut.  Judging from the biography on her web page and the IMDB Ozeki also worked under the name Lounsbury: