Saturday, August 13, 2011

Scott Phillips Writes Creepy Sex, Donald Ray Pollock Writes Depressing Rural


The Adjustment by Scott Phillips. Post-War Wichita, KS is an airplane town. Built on cattle drives, the town now runs on airplane manufacturing. Army vet Wayne Ogden is out to destroy Collins Aircraft and its founder. But, in return, Wayne is being blackmailed. Corruption, violence, illicit sex and booze, innocent romance. Phillips does real good work.

The Devil All the Time by Donald Ray Pollock. Rural residents of Southern Ohio and West Virginia followed over 20 years. I read Pollocks short story collection Knockemstiff after reading a recommendation from author Craig Davidson. Knockemstiff was good.

Cold Vengeance by Preston and Child. Revenge and international settings.

The Sixes by Kate White. Lame cover with a motif you have seen a million times.

Victory and Honor by W.E.B Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV. Spy operations at the end of world war two.

Darkness My Old Friend by Lisa Unger. Cover has a girl running through foggy, dark woods.

The Pack by Jason Starr. Starr does suspense and crime novels. Laid off dad meets other dads in a park. Joins them for drinks. Starts to change...

Wild Rose by Jennifer Donnelly. Romance.

Devil Colony by James Rollins. My enthusiasm is fading.

Iron House by John Hart. I am almost finished.

Death Factory by Joe Domenici. Ah, finished. Now to add italics and and post this thing.

French Gunfights, Medieval Swordfights, Modern Day Bombfights


36th Precinct starring That Other Gerard, Frenchmen. Armed robbers are on a crime spree. The first police lieutenant who catches the gang gets the police chief job. Competition ensues. Shotgun violence follows.

Jesse Stone: No Remorse starring Mustache, William Sadler. Jesse Stone story based on Parker's characters but penned by Mustache and Michael Brandman. Bill Crider says, "[nothing]". Well, I guess he either did not watch it or never blogged about it.

Source Code starring Jake Welsh-y. Soldier goes back in time to stop a bombing on a railway and get a date with a passenger.

Ironclad starring Brian Cox, Derek Jacobi, Armor, Swords, CGI. "The devastating battle for Rochester Castle is a true story of honor, action and excitement."

Music Inscribed Onto... You Get the Idea

Join Us by They Might Be Giants. Songs.

Legendary Weapons by Wu Tang. My brother once bought me a Wu Tang Clan CD. I have no idea why he did that. I kinda liked it but could not understand what the guys were saying.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Musical Interlude

Musical Interlude

Another Neil Finn edition.



2001 (quality is below average)