Thursday, March 31, 2011

Several Books. No Commentary.


Dead by Midnight by Carolyn Hart. I.

Mystery by Jonathan Kellerman. Need.

Entwined by Heather Dixon. An.

A Lesson In Secrets by Jacqueline Winspear. Afternoon.

Afraid of the Dark by James Grippando. Nap.

Phantom Evil by Heather Graham. I.

Large Print

Foreign Bodies by Cynthia Ozick. Am.


American Standard of Perfection, Illustrated, A Complete Description of All recognized Varieties of Fowls (reprint of 1910 edition). Dragging.

Fifteen Music CDs with Peruvian Disco Music From Space

Music on CD

Sigh No More by Mumford and Sons. Yes. I know I'm late on this one.

Own Side Now by Catlin Rose. Gerard? Yes? Why did you buy this one? I don't recall.

Lady Killer by CeeLo Green. Yes, late again.

Bella by Teddy Thompson. No - Not Late At All! I bought this before the release date but we had trouble getting it on the shelf. So there. Thompson is playing in Madison tonight. I am unable to attend.

Commercial by Los Amigos Invisibles. The Peruvian Disco Band From Outer Space. They say they are from Venezuela but I do not believe it.

Different Gear, Still Speeding by Beady Eye. The left-over members of Oasis formed a band.

Endgame by Rise Against. Some band out of Chicago that circs well here. I read a pop reference to them recently.

21 by Adele. I bought this CD early as well. Hah!

Now That's What I Call Music 37 by [various bands]. Sixteen popular pop tunes I have never heard.

Kiss Each Other Clean by Iron and Wine. Gerard? What? Who are these guys? I have no freaking clue, but I saw them listed on a 6 Music playlist the other night.

Wow Hits 2011
by [various]. 30 songs on two CDs of popular gospel I have never heard. I bought a book about Christian rock a few years ago, Body Piercing Saved My Life.

Bright Morning Stars by the Wailin' Jennys. I bought a previous album called Firecracker. When I saw that Firecracker has good circs I ordered this one.

Mean Old Man by Jerry Lee Lewis. The Killer rerecords tunes with younger musicians. I heard - I think on The Underground Garage - that Lewis's previous album Last Man Standing came about because a wealthy fan thought it up and bankrolled the whole thing.

Kidz Bop 19 by [various]. Kids sing popular tunes. This product is Bieber free.

Disney Soundtrack Collection: classic hits by [various]. Another Disney re-hash and cash-in.

UPDATE: Every disc but Commercial and Kidz Bop was on hold.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Musical Interlude

Musical Interlude

One benefit of having an office is that I can listen to music while working. My favorite radio station is the BBC's 6 Music. They just played this tune. The gal, Agnes Obel, is Norwegian. Her accent matches that of another Scandinavian girl singer, Nina Persson of The Cardigans. But not the accent of Bjork.

Monday, March 28, 2011

74 Digital Discs


The Wire: the complete series. 23 discs covering all four seasons. An engrossing crime drama set in modern Baltimore. I've never seen the show and there are 60 episodes.

When I Rise: let your voice be heard featuring Barbara Smith Conrad. Conrad was a co-ed at the University of Texas when she was cast as the lead in a school opera. But, since this was 1956 and Conrad is black trouble ensued. The story hit the national papers, attracted attention of Harry Belafonte who called her at her dorm, and Conrad's career took off into international fame. Fifty years later Conrad returned to Austin.

Remember this incident, Crider? You must have been a teenager so maybe you were too busy reading Amazing Stories.

Audio Books

Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse. 5 CDs at 5.5 hours. WWI vet traveling in the Pyrenees in 1928 is caught in a blizzard and shares his story with a local girl.

Evidence by Jonathan Kellerman. 10 CDs at 12 hours. That's Jonathan without the "h".

Bad Business by Robert B. Parker. 5 CDs at 6 hours. Spenser.

A Heartbeat Away by Michael Palmer. 9 CDs at 11 hours. A biological weapon attack during the State of the Union leaves the President and the Congress quarantined.

The Sentry by Robert Crais. 7 CDs at 7.5 hours. Joe Pike wears sunglasses, sleeveless shirts, shows no emotion, and wreaks violent vengeance.

Against All Odds by Scott Brown. 8 CDs at 9.5 hours. Junior Senator from Massachusetts writes a memoir.

New Adventure's of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer, Vol. 3 with Stacy Keach and a full cast. 2 CDs at 2.5 hours. "Original radio novel by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins. That's Allan with two "l"s.

Mercy Kill by Lori Armstrong. 9 CDs at 10 hours. Former girl sniper is permanently home after Iraq and gets involved in another murder case.