Monday, September 22, 2014

Music, Talking, and Skeleton. With Musc!

Paperback Mystery

Skeleton Takes a Box by Leigh Perry.  I could not recall why I ordered this but found my notes that say, "Recommended by [Bill] Crider." Well, there you go.

Audiobook on CD

Off the Sidelines: raise your voice, change the world by Kirsten Gillibrand. 6.5 hours on 6 CDs.  Lame subtitle. Is this the autobio where she mentions the nitwits in Senate who commented to her on her weight and looks?  Let me check...yep, this is the book.

 Music That At One Time Was More Widely Available On Magnetic Tape Enclosed Inside a Small Plastic Case But Is Now Digitally Encoded Onto a Flat Disc

Brill Bruisers by The New Pornographers.  Canadians play music and sing songs.

Led Zeppelin II by Led Zeppelin.  Englishmen play music and sing songs on remastered album.

Led Zeppelin III by Led Zeppelin.  Englishmen play more music and sing more songs on remastered album.