Friday, May 29, 2009

Hipster Hair Country Band, Elvis Costello's Wife, Pop Music


Unstoppable by Rascal Flatts. I don't think I've ever heard any of their songs. Judging by the hipster hair and the clothes they wear this one of those country-pop bands.

Quiet Nights by Diana Krall. More jazz vocals and piano by Declan's wife.

Now That's What I call Music! 30 by various artists.
Alternate titles for this disc include:
Now That's What I Call Uninventive Top Forty! 30

Now That's What I Call Overly Produced Tripe! 30

Now That's What I Call Crap! 30
Now That's What I Call Purposely Skanky Pop Girls! 30
Now That's What I Call I Love Skanky Pop Girls! 30
Now That's What I Call I'm Not Kidding, I'm A Weirdo! 30

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two Books With Coffee, Adventure, Comic Killer, Garfield, Soviets

Adult Fiction

Brewed, Crude and Tattooed by Sandra Balzo. Maggy Thorsen is stuck in her coffee shop when a spring snow storm snows her into the mall. Maggy ventures down the service corridor and finds the mall owner dead. She meets other stranded people and, soon one of them are dead.

I got stuck in a mall once. I was in Towne East Square in Wichita when a tornado warning was broadcast. We, my girlfriend and myself, were there while she was looking for a wedding ring. We got crammed into a concrete walled service corridor behind the shops for a half hour or so.

Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child. Let me guess: Reacher 1-drinks coffee, 2-hooks up with a babe, 3-solves a mystery against nasty people, 4-beats and kills nasty people, 5-hits the road.

Jack Wakes Up by Seth Harwood. Adreniline fueled crime novel with former Hollywood big-shot Jack squiring some thugs through San Francisco's night life. When the thugs start getting murdered Jack gets guys after him.

Anthony Neil Smith plugged this book so much you'd think he was getting a cut of the profits. Or, he has a serious man-crush. He got me to buy either way.

The Scarecrow by Michael Connelly. Crime writer writes crime novel about crime writer.

Hunt At the Well of Eternity by Gabriel Hunt. 1920s styled adventure novel with Gabriel Hunt helping a woman in distress by traveling to Mayan ruins in Guatemala. Penned by the great James Reasoner.

The Secret Speech by Tom Rob Smith. Leo Demidov returns from Smith's first novel. Child 44. Leo and his wife have adopted two girls orphaned during one of Smith's previous operations in the KGB. It's 1956 and Kruschev promises change from the tyranny of Stalin. Now the previously hard-core KGB cop Leo is being hunted for revenge.

Razor Sharp by Fern Michaels. My 52100 steel Spyderco Mule is not razor sharp anymore. I was using that thing to cut anything and everything during yard work over the weekend.

Garfield Fat Cat Three Pack, Vol. 3 by Jim Davis. Kids always check these out. It's neat that all the strips, even the dailies, are in color.

Punisher Comics

Punisher War Journal, Civil War, Vol. 1 by Fraction, Olivetti, and Deodato.

Punisher War Journal, Goin' Out West, Vol. 2 by Fraction, Olivetti and Fernandez.

Punisher War Journal, Hunter/Hunted, Vol. 3 by Fraction, Olivetti, Walker, Wegener, and Chaykin.

Punisher War Journal, Jigsaw, Vol. 4 by Fraction, Remender, Chaykin.