Friday, September 05, 2014

The Return of Billy Boyle


The Rest is Silence by James R. Benn.  Benn brings back Billy battling bad Bavarians.  I presume Benn once again takes a lesser known tale of World War Two and writes another great mystery novel around it. I really enjoy this series.

The Drop by Dennis Lehane.  Think of all the things the title could be describing.  A tennis serve that spins low.  A dropped pass in football.  Male infant with testicle that are late to descend.

Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good by Jan Karon.  Think on that title.  It sounds like a Stranger Danger instruction.

Personal by Lee Child.  Jack Reacher beats people up and sleeps with good looking women.

Murder 101 by Faye Kellerman.  What's the deal with Kellerman? I could have sworn she had curly blonde hair.  Was she kidnapped by aliens and surgically altered?  Maybe I was kidnapped by aliens who altered my memories. Did I really get out of bed at 12AM the other day to let the dang dog out? Maybe not.

The River by Beverly Lewis.  More Amish romance and family drama.  

Large Print

A Change in Altitude by Cindy Meyers.  Heck, I do that every time I stand up.

The Sixteenth of June by Maya Lang.  I was married in June.  I think.  It might have been July.  Maybe it was July.  Damn aliens.

Last to Know by Elizabeth Adler.  Hey, that reminds me of a Neil Finn tune. Here ya go, Dunedin.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Two Quebec Novels and More


The Long Way Home by Louise Penny.  Another Inspector (retired) Gamache novel.  He is retired in Three Pines, Quebec and asked to look for a missing man.  He heads up the St. Lawrence.

The River Burns by Trevor Ferguson. Ferguson wrote a great crime series under the name John Farrow but gained fame writing literary novels under his own name.  This is about the burning of a narrow covered bridge in 1984 in Quebec.

More Fiction

Top Secret Twenty-One by Janet WEvanovich.  I bought another copy.

Eyes Only by Fern Michaels.  I bet the author photo is that same one with the dogs and Michaels on a couch.  Let me check...yep, same photo and three dogs.  The dogs are all looking off to the left.  The photographer must have had an assistant distracting the mutts. The bookshelves in the background are out of focus, I can only read a few of the spines.


Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction: build and master ninja weapons by John Austin.  Including Cereal Box Blowgun, Chopstick Rubber Band Gun, and Cereal Box Boomerang.

The Nazi Occult War: Hitler's compact with the forces of evil by Michael Fitzgerald.  Forces of evil?  Hitler was the force of evil.  This details a lot of the weirdness, pseudo-science, and outright baloney that was popular with the dirty, rotten, stinking, filthy, no-good nazis.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Fiction For You, Not For Me

Fiction That Is Not For Me 
(I'm working my way through books I've owned for years but never read)

Secret Place by Tana French.  French is Irish.  French writes popular mysteries with suspense.  At least I think she does, I have not yet read her previous novels.

Lisette's List by Susan Vreeland.  Lisette is a nice name.  I am not certain how to pronounce Vreeland. Vreeland lives in San Diego. A couple weeks ago someone was talking about how nice the San Diego's baseball stadium is.

Private Down Under by James Patterson Literary Industries, Amalgamated, and Michael White.  Patterson always gives his co-authors prominent credit but the publisher prints nothing about them.  Let me check the internet machine...Nope, nothing.

Nightmare in Burgundy by Jean-Pieree Alaux and Noel Balen. Both authors live in France.  Because they are French.

Her Last Whisper by Karen Robards.  Robards lives in Kentucky and writes lots of books. The dust jacket bio says she has written 43 books.

Eye of Heaven by Clive Cussler and Russell Blake.  Cussler lives in Arizona and owns really big wrist watches.  Blake "lives on the Pacific coast of Mexico."  Have the drug wars in Mexico cooled off?  Or, has the media burned out on writing about countless torture victims and executions?

Lock In by John Scalzi.  Scalzi lives in Ohio.  I have not read Redshirts.