Friday, July 06, 2007

More More More


The Ever-Running Man by Marcia Muller. Sharon McCone is hired by her husband's security firm to track down a bomber attacking their offices. Narrowly avoiding a bombing herself Sharon has to delve into the security company's, and her husband's, past corruption.

Robert Ludlum's the Bourne Betrayal by Eric Van Lustbader. Jason Bourne goes looking his only friend, Martin Lindros, who disappeared investigating terrorists in Africa. Bourne decides to dismantle the terrorist organization himself as they try to collect material and technology for a nuclear bomb.

Non Fiction

101 Best U.S. Wedding Destinations: top destinations for every style and budget by Kathryn Gabriel Loving. Let's see...Florida, New Mexico, Hawaii, Wisconsin, New Jersey. New Jersey!? New Jersey and not New Hampshire? Wait, maybe it was Vermont I got married in. Oh well, same thing.

Critical Perspectives on World Climate edited by Katy Human. Essays and articles are grouped into four categories: 1. The (Pre)History of Climate Change, 2. Role of Vegetation and Methane in Climate Change, 3. Present and Near-Future Effects of Global Warming, 4. Ongoing Debate over Climate Change

World Energy Crisis by Stuart A. Kallen. From the Compact Research series.

Primary Source Accounts of World War I edited by Glenn Scherer and Marty Fletcher.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New and Nifty Novels


High Noon by Nora Roberts. A hardcover by Roberts. Police hostage negotiator Phoebe has a new suitor and a personal threat from a mysterious assailant.

The Quickie by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. Patterson continues his early retirement with another co-authored book. Lauren is out for revenge after her husband cheated on her. When Lauren does the same she witnesses a horrific crime but fears exposure if she comes forward as a witness.

Large Print

Something More by Janet Dailey. Luke McCallister and the descendant of a outlaw hunt for the outlaws buried gold in Wyoming.

Knots and Crosses by Ian Rankin. I got this novel as a freebie during the ALA Annual Convention in Washington D.C. after attending a breakfast by the publisher's parent corporation, Thomson. Thomson is a large company and was hosting several breakfasts to demo and promote their products.

I followed the directions on my invitation for the Sunday morning Large Print discussion at the Renaissance Hotel. I arrived a half hour late at Ballroom B and immediately scoped out the coffee. The tables were already filled and were formed in a big U, with the presenter running a database demonstration from inside the formation, so I found an empty chair along the wall.

After sitting down I figured I may as well get something to eat and walked over to the buffet. I ended up filling my plate and, spying an empty seat, took a spot at a table. As I was eating the presenter talks about business databases and the corporate information contained within.

"Okay," I figure, "the large print portion of the program must be next."

Ten minutes later the presenter finishes and the meeting ends. A salesman comes over to meet me and I find out I'm in the wrong ballroom. Thomson switched ballrooms at the last moment and with my late arrival no one was no host at the entryway to let me know. So, I walk to the room next door, scope out the coffee and have a seat. Afterwards we were told to grab a copy of any titles sitting on display and I took this one.

So, enjoy the novel, but no free coffee for you.

NonFiction Variety Pack

Monkeys and Apes

Monkey Portraits by Jill Greenberg. One of the best books of the year! Full color portraits of monkeys and apes by celebrity photographer Greenberg. With Rhesus Macaque, Yellow Baboon, Bonnet Macaque, Orangutan, Mandrill, Gibbon, and others. Oh, yeah!


Singing Cowboys by Douglas Green. Biographies and profiles of well-known and little-known film and television singing cowboys. Written by Douglas B. Green a.k.a Ranger Doug from Riders in the Sky. Includes a music CD with music by Roy Rogers, Tex Ritter, Ken Maynard and others.

24: Behind the Scenes by Jon Cassar. A photo and production history of the television series 24. With coverage of past and present characters, actors, and crew. The included DVD has interviews and a photo gallery.


The Joy of Digital Photography by Jeff Wignall. "Remember when taking pictures was fun and having a camera was inspirational? Those days are back!"

Digital Photography Beyond the camera: expert Photoshop and digital know-how for top-quality images and prints by Ian Farrell.

Java Demystified: a self-teaching guide by Jim Keogh. A do-it-yourself Java guide.

New Ideas for Today's Crochet by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss. A variety of women's designs with tops, dresses, and even bikinis.

Crocheted Wire Jewelry: Innovative Designs and Projects by Leading Artists by Arline M. Fisch. "By crocheting with wire, which is as easy to work with as yarn, you can make lacy structures that hold their form while retaining a great deal of flexibility."


Mr. Food Diabetic Dinners in a Dash: more than 150 fast and fabulous guilt-free recipes by Art Ginsburg. Fast and easy to make recipes published by the American Diabetes Association.