Friday, March 28, 2014

Music and Mania


House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.  Dirtbag Congressman.


20 by Kate Rusby.  I realized that our other Rusby CD of a folk singer singing folk songs has gone out a lot.

The Outsiders by Eric Church.  Country singers sings country-themed songs.

Pure Heroine by Lorde.  Kiwi teen singer sings songs of Kiwi life and longing.

Supermodel by Foster the People.  Californians sing rock music songs.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Legally Made-Up Stories


American Hustle starring [famous actors].  {Famous actor] pretends to be someone else with [other famous actor] and [three other famous actors] in [pretend 1970s].


Blossom Street Brides by Debbie Macomber.  Macomber has short and 170 million books.

Killer Physique by G.A. McKevett.  McKevett is really Sonja Massie.

Code Zero by Jonathan Maberry.  Maberry is really Maberry and writes fine thrillers with lots of bad guys and good guys and sci-fi style adventure.  Maberry also spends a lot of time on Facebook.

Tempting Fate by Jane Green.  I first typed that as Fane Green.  Fane Green is actually Jane Green.  Jane Green has really white teeth and lives in Connecticut.

Death on Blackheath by Anne Perry.  Anne Perry is the same Anne Perry as usual but with another book called Death on Blackheath.  The internet says there are several "Blackheaths", including Blackheath Motor Inn in New South Wales.

Waking the Dead by Heather Graham.  Heather Graham is not Heather Graham but is instead Heather Graham.  Graham will attend ThrillerFest this July.  Maybe she'll stay at Blackheath Motor Inn next time she is in Australia.


The Legal Answer Book for Families by Emily Doskow and Marcia Stewart.  Doskow?  We have two other legal guides written by her.  Doskow works in Oakland.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Coffee Guy Writes a Book


Shotgun Lovesongs by Nickolas Butler.  Four men in Wisconsin.  Butler's novel has gotten a lot of attention, my father even saw a review.  I read something in the Madison paper over the weekend about Butler formerly being a poetry writing coffee roaster.  That article was talking about this.

Missing You by Harlan Coben.  Some sort of conspiracy, murder, lost love novel. 

Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi.  Woman marries guy.  They have dark skinned baby.  Guy was black passing as white in 1953.  Things happen.  Helen has long hair and is English.

Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett.  Another Discworld novel with a steam engine.  Pratchett has a SciFiGuy beard.

Cairo Affair by Olen Steinhauer.  Steinhauer writes some fine spy thrillers.  This one is mainly set in Cairo.

NYPD RED 2 by James Patterson Literary Prodcuts, Amalgamated and Marshall Karp. 

Kill Fee by Owen Laukkanen.  Crime novel. With a name by Laukkanen I wonder if her spends all his spare time in a sauna.


Psychology: a very short introduction by Gillian Butler and Freda McManus.  Page 80 says, "Cases of extreme neglect have also been used to help understand the reversibility of early deprivation."

Monday, March 24, 2014

NonFiction and Cinema


Contracted starring [I don't know these people].  STD leads to horror.

Inside Llewyn Davis starring John Goodman.  Folk music leads to disaffection.


Climate: a very short introduction by Mark Maslin.  Climate leads to weather.

Italia: la guida Michelin, 2014.  Not properly reading the catalog leads to ordering an Italian language guide to Italy.  Dang it.

Audiobook on CD

What is Marketing and Sales?: vital tools to market, promote, and sell featuring Zig Ziglar, others.  Marketing leads to selling things for money.