Friday, May 16, 2008

Overdubbed, More Depression, Audio, Koontz

Music CD

Overdubbed by Dub Syndicate. I was listening to ABC Radio online for the first time in a while and a show played one of the songs, Hard & Tuff, from this album. I liked the song and figured I'd try a disc like this out.
I was listening to ABC a few months ago and they played a speech given by a Nobel Prize chemist. The chemist was a great speaker and, among other things, talked about growing up in Minnesota and attending Augsburg College. Since he was was such a compelling speaker I emailed him a note expressing my condolences for his having to attend Augsburg. Go Gusties!

AudioBook on CD

No Way to Treat a First Lady by Christopher Buckley. A comic novel. The First Lady kills her philandering husband by throwing a Paul Revere's spittoon at him. She goes on trial for assassination and her former law school boyfriend comes to her defense.
If acquitted would she still get Secret Service protection?


Odd Hours by Dean Koontz. Odd Thomas's travels to a small, coastal California town. Odd talks to more dead people and "sinister authority" looks to exploit that ability.

NonFiction DVD

Men Get Depression. "These videos present the stories of ten brave men who overcame the stigma to tell about their experiences with depression."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Six Fiction and an True Crime AudioBook


Front by Patricia Cornwell. Massachusetts state investigator Win Garano to find a dramatic case for his boss. Looks like his boss is out to keep the local cops dependent on her. "In the days that follow, he'll find that Lamont's task, and the places it leads him, will resemble a house of mirrors."

Johnny One-Eye by Jerome Charyn. "Johnny One-Eye is a literary seduction, a down-low expose of Revolutionary New York, an irresistible netherworld narrative of sexual and political intrigue." Comic novel of Johnny who spends the eight years of the Revolutionary War in Manhattan playing both sides against each other.

Executive Privilege by Philip Margolin. Lowly DC private eye Dana is hired to follow a college student. When the student shows up dead after a secret meeting with President Farrington Dana is on the run. Simultaneously, a defense attorney in Oregon is working on the appeal of a killer who says he was framed for a teen's murder. A teen who worked for the then Governor, President Farrington.

Triumph of Caesar by Steven Saylor [no relation]. Caesar's wife Calpurnia hires Gordianus the Finder to investigate her suspicions of a conspiracy against her husband.
I have yet to read Saylor's last novel Roma. He does good work. Interesting fact: Saylor used to write gay porn as Aaron Travis. Another interesting fact: Saylor is much older than I thought, he is 52. Yet another fact: Saylor is an ancient history nerd.

Large Print

Phantom Prey by John Sadford. Missing girl. Blood on walls. Cop investigates.

Hollow by Nora Roberts. Freed demon. Mind reading.

Nells' Cowboy and Lone Star Baby by Debbie Macomber. Two romances from the Heart of Texas series. Interesting fact: Yuch.


Mysterious Montague: a true tale of Hollywood, golf, and armed robbery by Leigh Montville. Master golfer John Montague comes to Hollywood and plays with Oliver Hardy, Howard Hughes, and W.C. Fields. Playing with a rake, Montague beat friend Bing Crosby at golf. After a New York recognizes Montague as a fugitive charged with armed robbery everyone figures out why he avoided publicity.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Killer Nurses, Getaway Drivers, Global Thriller, and a Lout


Sick Nurses starring [a bunch of Thais]. Seven nurses and a doctor have been selling patients' body part. One nurse threatens to go to the police and the others kill her. Seven days later she returns to haunt them.
In Arizona one of myLibrary Pages was named Pinintorn. Pinintorn was a lovely gal and really smart. It was not until a couple weeks before she left for college in Tucson that she mentioned she had been in the country for only three years or so. I was incredulous. Her English is perfect. Geeze she was smart.


Cold Spot by Tom Piccirilli. Raised to be a getaway driver by his violent, con-man grandfather Chase meets a lady cop and goes straight. When he has to go back into the crime life he has to ask his repulsive grandfather for help.


Whole Truth by David Baldacci. A defense contractor, a government troubleshooter, and a journalist cross paths "as a series of events is set in motion that could change the world as we know it."

Prince of Frogtown by Rick Bragg. Rick Bragg learns that "a man who chases a woman with a child is like a dog who chases a car and wins. He discovers that he is unsuited to fatherhood, unsuited to fathering this boy in particular, a boy who does not know how to throw a punch and doesn't need to; a boy unaccustomed to love and affection rather than violence and neglect' in short, a boy wholly unlike the child Rick once was."