Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seven DVDs, One With Canadian Content


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: complete season 5 starring Danny DeVito and That Blond Girl. Three discs with 12 episodes.

Castle: Second Season starring Captain Hammer. Five discs with 24 episodes.

Death Comes to Town by Kids in the Hall. Two discs at three hours. Canadians making funny.

OSS 117: Lost in Rio starring [French people].

Shred-It with Weights by Jillian Michaels. One hour of exercises with hand weights or kettlebells.

Plain Truth starring Mariska Hargity. Hargitay is striking the exact same pose she does for Law and Order. Newborn found dead outside Amish town. Hargitay defends the 18 year old Amish suspect.

Madison starring James DeVita. War correspondent returns to Madison, WI and has trouble adjusting to domestic life. Not to be confused with the Jim Caviezel movie about boat racing in Indiana.

One of the producers, Nicholas Langholff, went to high school here and dropped this copy off. He hasn't emailed me an invoice yet, unless the email landed in junk mail. Let me check...nope not there. I could not quite remember the guy's name but he also worked on Feed the Fish so IMDB was helpful. Langholff graduated from Lakeside.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Travel Guides


Fodor's Guides

Barcelona: with highlights of Catalonia and Bilbao, 3rd edition by Maria Teresa Hart.

DK Eyewitness guides

Arizona and the Grand Canyon edited by Aruna Ghose. I went in 2002.

Top 10 Orlando by Richard Grula. I don't know Victor Gischler but he is going to vacation at Disney World.

Loire Valley by Jack Tresidder. I don't know Jack Tresidder but I'll bet he speaks French.

New England by [could not find a main name]. I was married in New England. In either New Hampshire or Vermont. One of those two. They're the same thing anyway.

Walt Disney World Resort and Orlando edited by Arunda Ghose. I wonder if they have bumper cars. Those are fun.

California by [still no name]. Did I tell that story about going to San Francisco and getting sick as a dog with a bad ear infection. And we rented an Oldsmobile to go to Napa and the seat was horribly uncomfortable? I did? Want to hear it again?

Las Vegas by David Stratton. What about that story where I went to a free, half-day sub-machine gun class in Pahrump, NV? The class instruction was good and they supplied both weapon and ammo.

Bradt Guides

Rough Guide to Mexico by John Fisher, et al. Don't get kidnapped.

Croatia by Pers Letcher. Remember when the Springfield XD used to be the HS2000 and was $200 cheaper?

Insider's Guides

Twin Cities, seventh edition by Jay Gabler. We went to the Mall of America when car-loving Boy #1 was five. He went on the bumper car ride by himself and, since he was five, could not get the car to drive properly or get unstuck from the wall. He had a big meltdown afterwards.

Off The Beaten Path Guides

Minnesota by Mark R. Weinberger. I wonder if Barbara Fister ever does book promos outside of MN.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Great News! Guns, Beer, and Whiskey! In Print!


Shooter's Bible: 101st Edition. The usual but newer.

World's Best Beers: one thousand craft brews from cask to glass by Ben McFarland. They list Schell's (New Ulm, MN) Caramel Bock. Tyranena is listed for Devil over a Barrel Bourbon and Imperial Oatmeal Coffee. New Glarus and Sprecher are also included.

World Whiskey edited by Charles Maclean. Great big photos of bottles, distillers, distilleries. Also includes Japanese whiskeys. The Japanese distillers have been very successful.

World War II Battlefield Communications by Gordon L. Rottman. One of the many historical entries from Osprey Publishing which prints a huge variety of war topics.

Ultimate American V-8 Engine Data Book, 2nd Edition by Peter C. Sessler.

Countertop Book by Mary Anne Piccirillo. Designs and materials for kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

Modular Knitting Made Easy designs by Andra Knight-Bowman.

Sliding into Home: a memoir by Kendra Wilkinson. Autobio of the Playboy Playmate.

Access 2010 by John Cronan. User's guide.

Ultimate Scholarship Book, 2011 by Gen and Kelly Tanabe.


Scarlet Sash by Garry Douglas Kilworth. Another historical military novel by Kilworth. Young soldier Sebastian Early is sent to South Africa during the Zulu Wars. Ends up investigating a murder.

Foreign Influence by Brad Thor. Spy novel of some sort.

Large Print

Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen.

Out of Sight by Stella Cameron.