Friday, June 13, 2014

Whoops, More Music, More Music, More Music

Compact Discs Continue To Spin and a Laser Continues to Read Digital Signals

Nobody Knows by the Len Price 3.  British singer sings more great rock tunes.

Ready Steady Go by Jake Bell.  Former kid actor sings songs of modern rockabilly.  I saw a reference of this guy on the page.

Stockholm by Chrissie Hynde.  Ohio woman sings songs of Sweden.

Platinum by Miranda Lambert.  Country pop singer sings songs country twang.

Music old and new

Compact Discs Are Decoded by Lasers and Computers To Play Music

The Best of Three Dog Night by Three Dog Night.  1970s singing by 1970s singers.  This is a replacement copy for the one that went out all the time.

Repeat After Me by Los Amigos Invisibles.  Peruvian Disco Men From Outer Space sing songs in Spanish.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sam Hawken Repeat


Tequila Sunset by Sam Hawken.  I ordered a second copy by mistake.  Since all paperbacks are processed by the vendor I cannot send them back.  Oh well.  More opportunity for you to read this crime novel set in Northern Mexico.  I read Hawken's first novel but cannot recall which characters survived or if they appear in here.

Audiobook on CD

Hollow City: the second novel of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs.  11.5 hourson 10 CDs.  Weirdness with last books characters traveling to London.  Includes a disc of PDF images.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Many New Things. Package 3 of 3.


I Don't Know Where You Know Me From: confessions of a co-star by Judy Greer.  I know her from Archer for which she voices the character Cheryl Trunt.  Page 138 says, "Like if you see a photo of a celeb walking down the street holding an Arby's shake, first of all, those shakes are delicious, so celebrities should walk around with them, but second of all, they were probably paid by Arby's to do it.  They, most likely, had their hair and makeup done too, and I'll bet you my entire brass snail collection that there is water in that shake cup (Smartwater because Coca-Cola has deals with celebrities, and celebrities don't eat dairy).  I know that some oft-papped stars drive miles and miles out of their way so they can be photographed at pre-arranged locations."

Social Security, Meidcare and Government Pensions: get the most out of your retirement and medical benefits by Joseph Matthews.

Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine and Home Remedies, second edition edited by Brent Bauer, M.D.

Everything Guide to Online Genealogy, 3rd edition by Kimberly Powell.

Garfield Fat Cat 3-Pack, Volume 8 by Jim Davis.  Because kids love Garfield.

Large Print

Many New Things. Package 2 of 3.


Midnight in Europe by Alan Furst.  More excellent European espionage in 1938.

Mr. Merecdes by Stephen King.  Megan Abbott wrote a review

Euphoira by Lily King.  Huh, this King lives in Maine.  I don't think there is a connection unless it's one of Tabitha and Stephen King's kids or kids-in-law.  Anthropologists in 1930s New Guinea.  Sounds neat as lonely scientists are wearying of their work.

The Vacationers by Emma Straub.  Former Wisconsinite writes another novel.  A family on vacation in Mallorca bring their problems along.

Vertigo 42 by Martha Grimes.  What color is that sweater Grimes is wearing in her author photo?  Violet?  Pink?  Pink-Violet?  Mauve?  It's a nice color but I should cannot name it.

The Keeper by John Lescroart.  I can name Lescroart's shirt colors.  Grey and black.  Because the author photo is black and white.

Summer House with Swimming Pool by Herman Koch.  Famous actor dies on operating table and the doctor tells tale of doctor's bad vacation in France at actor's home.

China Dolls by Lisa See.  Ethnic Chinese women meet in 1939 San Francisco.  Lisa See wore blue and white for her photo.

The Farm by Tom Rob Smith. Adult child is split between his father and mom and father says mom is psychotic and mom says dad is a villain.

A Shiver of Light by Laurell K. Hamilton. Same photo for Hamilton.  She is dressed in black and sitting sideways in a director's chair.  One over the knew, high-heeled boot is kicked up high.


Tequila Sunset by Sam Hawken.  Crime novel set in Ciudad Juarez.  I read the first in the series and it was fairly decent. 

Strangling on the Stage by Simon Brett.  Brett's books have been big here.

Many New Things. Package 1 of 3.


Easy Money: Life Deluxe starring [Swedes].  More Swedish crime based off the Swedish series of Swedish novels by a Swede.  I really enjoyed the first novel in the series.  I bet the second would have sold better in the U.S. if the translated title was not kept as Never Fuck Up.

Anchorman 2: The legend continues starring [comic actors].  Dang, I missed pre-ordering this one.

Pompeii starring Keifer Sutherland and [bunch of B actors].  Muscular guy plays gladiator saves girl as volcano Explooooodes!

Jack Irish: Set 2 starring Guy Pierece and [Australians].  Recommended by Max Allan Collins.  I read one of the original books, Bad Debts, and this series is based off the novels featuring an Australian P.I. Set 1 (Season 1) is in transit to us

Eastbound and Down starring Danny McBride.  Washed up major league pitcher still a jackape.

Audiobooks on CD

Joe Ledger: Special Ops by Jonathan Maberry.  More mad scientists, terrorists, assassins, and evil politicians are defeated by Captain Joe Ledger.  Ledger should go after Maberry for Maberry's  Facebook posting mania.  The Ledger series is fun and the narrator, Ray Porter, really chews up the narration.

Bad Wolf by Nele Neuhaus. I'm not sure what this is.  Something about a serial killer in Frankfurt.

Sniper's Honor by Stephen Hunter.  Sniping snipers snipe.

Suspicion by Joseph Finder.  Guy needing money for his daughter's tuition accepts personal loan and DEA goes after him for taking drug money.