Saturday, December 29, 2007

One NonFiction


Nina Hartley's Guide to Total Sex by Nina Hartley and I.S. Levine. Actress and registered nurse Hartley writes "a thorough, level-headed and straightforward look at all things sexual...Unlike many other sex guides, this one does not include illustrations or photos, which makes it a comfortable choice for more reserved or reticent readers."

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Romances in Spanish, Large Print, and Paperback


Mentiras Piadosas by Lisa Unger.

Large Print

Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas. Amelia and her family receive an inheritance and rise from impoverishment to the upper-class. Amelia's family are not managing the sudden rise gracefully. Amelia turns to wealthy and civilized Cam to for help. But, Cam wishes to leave his wealth and return to his Gypsy roots.


Irish Hearts containing Irish Thoroughbreds and Irish Rose by Nora Roberts

In My Wildest Fantasies by Julianne MacLean. "She looked up at him, so tall and musculine before her. There, you see? she wanted to say. And you wonder why people feel safe in your presence."

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

DVDs: Homer, a Gaiman fantasy, Halloween Remade, B-Movie Heaven


Simpsons the Movie starring Homer Simpson, Drone from Sector 7G. I have not seen this yet. I received my own copy yesterday as a Christmas gift so at least I want have to wait for a Library copy.

Stardust starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Claire Danes, Robert DeNiro, Sienna Miller, Ricky Gervais. Tristan travels into a fairy land to recover a fallen star in hopes of winning a girl's hand. Turns out the star takes the form of a girl. Also turns out that a wicked queen wants the star to achieve immortality. Trouble ensues. That Sienna Miller is a good looking gal.

Halloween starring Malcolm McDowell, Brad Dourif. A remake directed by Rob Zombie. As remakes go this is supposed to be quite good. If you like this picture we have a couple other Zombie directed films to try, House of 1000 Corpses and Devils Rejects, both of which are sitting unwatched on my desk at home.

Last Sentinel starring Don Wilson, Bokeem Woodbine, Keith David. What a cast! Electronically enhanced drone police take over the world. What a concept! Beautiful rebel learns to fight the drones to save mankind. What a plot! Bought from Arrow for $16.60. 16.60!? Soylent Green and Wassup Rockers were cheaper than that!