Friday, May 18, 2012

Four of Violence, Four of Love


Exhale: core fusion 30 day sculpt.  Weekly workouts.

Ike: countdown to D-Day starring Tom Selleck.  Mustache-free Selleck shaves in a bald spot to convince the Limeys, Frogs and Yanks to work together.

Birdsong starring [British and French actors].  Young Englishman falls for a married woman before World War One.  She leaves him and he joins the Army when the war begins.  The book was pretty decent.

Heaven is Waiting starring [actors I never heard of].  Widower who has not dated since his wife's death is very uncomfortable with his grown daughter's boyfriend.

War Horse starring [CGI Death and Destruction].  Guy really loves his horse.

The Vow starring Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum.  Wife wakes with coma forgetting last five years of life.  Wife starts to listen to parents and see a past fiancee.  Husband woos her back.

We Bought A Zoo starring Jason Bourne, That Guy From Wings.  They bought a zoo.

Haywire starring Obi-Wan Kenobi, Bill Paxton, Gina Carano.  Girl super-spy kicks and shoots her way out of trouble.

Shame starring Michael Fassbender.  Guy tries to drown his issues with anonymous sex.

The Sun Came Out: the making of the album 7 Worlds Collide starring Neil Finn, other musicians.  Guys from Radiohead, guys from Wilco, Johnny Marr, Eddie Vedder, Bic Runga, KT Tunstall and others make an album.  I've been listening to this in the background and it is interesting.  The double album is available for checkout.

Knitwear for Badger Tailgaters in Love


Sasha Kagan's Classic Collection by Sasha Kagan.  Knitting patterns.  I like these books because I always check out the models.

Here's Johnny: my memories of Johnny Carson, The Tonight Show, and 46 years of friendship by Ed McMahon.  Memoir by sidekick.  What will Andy Richter write in a few years?

For Packers Fans Only!: wonderful stories from great fans celebrating America's team by Rich Wolfe.  A local Rotary Club member lived in Green Bay in the '60s and got to know several players.

Tailgating Cookbook: recipes for the big game by Bob Sloan.  Page 170 says, "When you want to serve meat and don't feel like dealing with the grill, this is the way to go."

Five Love Languages: how to express heartfelt commitment to your mate by Gary Chapman.  Page 123 says, "They began dating in their senior year at high school."

Chicken Encyclopedia: an illustrated reference by Gail Damerow.  Page 203 says, "Persian Rumpless \ See: Manx Rumpy."


Hard Country by Michael McGarrity.  "A novel of the old west."  New Mexico territory.  McGarrity's mystery series featuring a modern day New Mexico policeman is pretty good.

Bascom's Trump by Douglas Bradt.  Anthony wants to avoid the draft in 1969 so he tries out for the Badger's football team.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mega Manga Chain Restaurants


Mega Manga: the complete reference to drawing manga by Keith Sparrow.  288 pages worth of an animation style I do not understand.  I booked an artist to do a manga workshop for teens this June 20th.

Good, Better, Best Dining Out: a no-nonsense guide to America's chain restaurants by Josh Dinar. Categories include best skillets, best seafood, crab cakes, wine lists.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Days Hearing A Cold Blue Sea, Second Edition


Handy Religion Answer Books, Second Edition by John Renard, Ph.D.  What is a Sufi?  What is a sacrament?  Are there contemporary remnants of CIT?  What is sectarian Shinto?  WHy did Lutheran Brotherhood change their name?  How many students attend daily chapel at Gustavus Adolphus College? (just kidding on those last two)

Large Print

Art of Hearing Heartbeats by Jan-Philipp Sendker.  Lawyer goes missing without a clue.  Wife and daughter find years old love letter from Burmese woman.  Daughter searches.

Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea by Morgan Callan Rogers.  The cover says: Western set on the Atlantic shoreline.  The back cover says: Young in girl in Maine and her lobsterman father have to recover after her mom disappears.  Lobsterman means fisherman not a half-man half-lobster.

Audio on CD

My Happy Days in Hollywood: a memoir by Garry Marshall.  Dick van Dyke Show, Odd Couple, happy days, Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy, Flamingo Kid, Beaches, Pretty Woman, Princess Diaries.

Batman Sells Crocheted Arrows to Cornbread Stooges


Selling All-in-one for Dummies by Tom Hopkins, et al.  I do not get many opportunities to et al anyone.  This is seven sales manuals bound in one volume.

Cornbread Mafia by James Higdon.  True crime tale of "a homegrown syndicate's code of silence and the biggest marijuana bust in American history".  Kentucky moonshiners diversify in the '70s and '80s.

Tunnel Rats in Vietnam by Gordon L Rottman, illustrated by Brian Delf.  Lucky to be alive and lucky to have any hearing if they fired their pistols in those narrow tunnels.

Batman: the return of Bruce Wayne by Grant Morrison.  Batman has to travel through time fighting evil in different eras.

Batman: time and the batman by Grant Morrison.  Oh, man, I hope this isn't the same thing as the previous one.  Good, similar stories and not a different print format.

Teeny Tiny Crochet: 35 adorably small projects by Catherine Hirst.  This is of teeny, tiny interest to me personally.

U.S. Navy SEALs by Hans Halberstadt.  Lots of photos of grimacing guys with guns.

Three Stooges Scrapbook: updated edition by Jeff Lenburg et al.  Hah!  I et al'ed again.

Sinful Smoothies: delicious drinks for everyday indulgence by Ryland Peters and Small.

Green Arrow: salvation by J.T. Krul et al.  Hah!  Again!  Arrow and Sir Gallahad fight a demon.

DNA and Social Networking: a guide to genealogy in the twenty-first century by Debbie Kennett.