Friday, September 21, 2018

Two regulars. Two... well not exactly irregulars, but not as frequent.


Dark Tide Rising by Anne Perry. More Victorian era mystery with the Monk family who deal with the ransom kidnapping of a wealthy woman and his betrayal by one of his own men.

Spy Master by Brad Thor. An international spy thriller and terrorists and secret plots.

Locksmith's Daughter by Karen Brooks. Disgraced woman is recruited by the Queen's spymaster for spying and code breaking and other things I am not sure about because I quit reading the description. I did like what I read though.

------------MUSICAL INTERLUDE------------

Some one posted about a new release of Bob Dylan demos and early versions of songs for Blood on the Tracks. I do not know if this version is included but it is without the organ and you can hear Dylan's delivery.

-------- END MUSICAL INTERLUDE ---------------------

The Guilty Dead by P.J. Tracy. Minnesota murder mystery makes Minneapolis masses mourn. P.J. Tracy was the psueudonym for a mother-daughter writing team. P.J., the mother, passed away in 2016. Tracy, the daughter, still writes the series. Tracy went to St. Olaf but I promise not to make any jokes about Olies. After all, she surely would have attended Gustavus is she were able. Right? At least she did not go to Carleton.