Friday, October 16, 2009

Zombies!, Young Adult and Large Print


The Zombie Survival Guide: recorded attacks by Max Brooks. Selected zombie outbreaks from 60,000 BC to 1992 at the Joshua Tree National Park. I really need to buy a good AR15 and stock up on ammo.

Girl Music on CD

Crazy Love by Michael Buble. I'm not curious enough to find out how to put the accent mark on the "e" in his name.

Young Adult

Ruined: a novel by Paula Morris. Your favorite Teen motifs: Teenage girl with absent parents. New Orleans. Creepy house. Tarot reading aunt. Cemeteries. Prep School snobs. Best friend is a ghost. Wrong that must be righted.
Morris is from New Zealand and teaches writing at Tulane ( I wonder if she knows future Nobel Laureate Victor Gischler?). Did I ever mention my fondness for Lion Red beer?

Flora's Dare by Ysabeau S. Wilce. I read the description but have no still have no idea what the heck this is about. I don't know where Wilce is from but she lives in Chicago. Have I ever mentioned my fondness for Goose Island beer?

How to Not Be Popular by Jennifer Ziegler. Hell, that's easy, act like Gerard Saylor.

Large Print

The Professional by Robert B. Parker. Another Spenser novel. Crider will be happy. The regular print version has a big map of Boston on the inside cover so I assume Spenser travels around the city a lot in this one.

Ladies of the Lake by Haywood Smith. Another one of those "Do this or you do not get your inheritance" novels.

Vela Jean Learns to Drive by Jennifer Nevin. "It is a poignant story of a spirited young girl growing up in the gold-mining and moonshining South". Did I mention I just checked out two books on distilling and moonshining?

Hot Pursuit by Suzanne Brockmann. NYC bodyguard is protecting an Assemblywoman when an old murder case gets intertwined. "Suzanne Brockman is widely recognized as a leading voice in romantic suspense." What a coincidence, Gerard Saylor is unrecognized as a trailing voice in online snarkiness.

Acts of Mercy by Mariah Stewart. Serial killer novel with religious overtones.

Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall. "Meet Vish Puri - India's most private investigator. Portly, persistent, and unmistakably Punjabi, he has the exacting nature of Hercule Poirot and the provincial appeal of Precious Ramotswe."

Rooftops of Tehran by Mahbod Seraji. Teenager in 1973 Tehran hangs out on the roof and lusts for his neighbor before attracting the wrong attention of the secret police.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Common Keyword Searches

Common Keywords

I use StatCounter to track visits to our blog and webpage. One statcounter feature is "Recent Keyword Activity". Here are some of the more popular ones over the past couple years.

Falburn Academy. This used to be a fairly common search and is due to the movie The Woods (starring Bruce Campbell) and set at the fictional Falburn Academy. Usually paired with "true story" or "Massachusetts".


Mysterious Montague. True story of an armed robber who made it big in Hollywood society as a golfer.

Sexy Iraqi. A very popular search in Saudi Arabia.

Tommy Lee Jones Dave Robicheaux. Just watch the movie.

Pearl Swiggum. Name of a former newspaper columnist who was widely syndicated several years ago.

Practical Shooting Exercises. Usually done by people overseas.

Sick of Vampires. So am I.

Naughty Secretaries. Our Naughty Secretary book is about handmade jewelry. Their naughty secretary is about something else.

Slutty Vampires. Aren't they all?

Nina Hartley. We bought a sex instruction and education book by her. Since she is also a porn actress most searches are paired with the word "sex".

Pilot Comics. A popular search in Europe.

More of the Same Writers and a Repaired Star Wars Paperback


Locked In by Marcia Muller. Sharon McCone has "locked-in syndrome". After a late night attack at her P.I. firm she is mentally sharp but unable to move any part of her body. Her staff gathers clues while McCone tries to figure out who attacked her.

There Goes the Bridge by M.C. Beaton. "An Agatha Raisin Mystery" This probably has a recipe too. It seems like that type of mystery.

The Professional by Robert B. Parker. Another Spenser novel.

The Perfect Christmas by Debbie Macomber. A perfect Christmas? You mean you ask for something and people don't say, "I'm not buying you any gun stuff!" or "Don't you have enough knives already?"

Blackstone and the New World by Sally Spencer. I thought these books were reprints of a dead author. Nope the author is alive and well. The author is also a guy, Alan Rustage.

13 1/2 Nevada Barr. A new standalone by Barr. Literature professor Polly lives in New Orleans and has a new architect boyfriend. Meanwhile, a recently released killer leaves Minnesota for New Orleans.


Manhood for Amateurs: the pleasures and regrets of a husband, father, and son by Michael Chabon. Here is my advice for Chabon, "Get a haircut, you look like a hippy."

Star Wars Repairs

Star Wars Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Volume 1 by [no author listed]. These paperbacks are poorly bound and fall apart frequently.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm Sick. You're Lucky I'm Listing These At All So Don't Expect Any Fascinating Insights

Music CDs

A Hard Day's Night, Yellow Submarine, The Beatles (White Album) by The Beatles.


Missing by Beverly Lewis. Amish with head cover.

An Expensive Education by Nick McDonell. International intrigue and espionage.

Hardball by Sara Paretsky.

Last Kiss by Luanne Rice.

Evidence by Jonathan Kellerman. Kellerman abandoned the author photos where he is layered in eye-makeup.

Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls. "A True Life Novel" Woman in West Texas makes her own way or something.

When Autumn Leaves by Amy S. Foster. The cover looks very familiar.

Marshmallows for Breakfast by Dorothy Koomson.

The Gates by John Connolly. Connolly, Connelly, what's the difference?

Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett. Basketball with gorillas according to the cover.


When Someone You Love is Bipolar: help and support for you and your partner by Cynthia G. Last, PhD.

He Was My Chief: the memoirs of Adolf Hitler's secretary by Christa Schroeder. From 1933 to her arrest in May, 1945. Dirty, stinking, filthy, rotten Nazis.

Understanding Parkinson's Disease: a self-help guide, 2nd Edition by David L. Cram, et al.

World Coins and Currency, 2nd Edition by Arlyn G. Sieber.

Legal Forms Toolkit by Daniel Sitarz.

Easy Christmas Cut-Up Cakes for Kids by Mella Barlow.

Toys and Prices 2009 edited by Tom Bartsch.

Cheerleading: technique, training, show by Miriam Lopez Hernandez de Alba.

Gun Digest 2010 edited by Dan Shideler.

Guns Illustrated 2009 edited by Derrek Sigler.

Big Book of Country Rock from Hal Leonard Publishing. Piano, vocal and guitar parts.

Designing Jewelry with Semiprecious Beads by Kim Gover.

Pro Makeup: salon secrets of the professionals by Kit Spencer.

Large Print

I'm too tired to list these. I'm going home.

Why does Little Steven insist on playing Palisades Park?