Saturday, January 14, 2017

Two Novels


Lucky Boy by Shanthi Sekaran. "That illuminates life's brutality but also it's beauty, revealing our foibles and wrong turns." Believe me, I'm well aware of my foibles. Well aware.

The Antiques by Kris D'Agostino. Siblings get together and either fight or reunite. I'm not sure. I did not read the full plot description on the dust cover.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Use These Plastic Discs To Recreate Sounds Using an Electronic Device

The Stage by Avenged Sevenfold. Singers sing songs I've never heard. How about Chris Isaak instead?

Hamilton: the mix tape by [various].  Various singers sing songs from the musical. This reminds me of this song.

Blue and Lonesome by The Rolling Stones.  English singers sing their favorite blues songs. This reminds me of nothing.

Gunslinger by Garth Brooks. Country singer sings songs of countries.  This reminds me of this.

The Weight of These Wings by Miranda Lambert. Country singer sings songs of wings. This reminds me of this, of course.

And here is this, because I just saw the link.

Lansdale! Abbott! Others!


Clear by Fire by Joshua Hood. I saw this guy's online commentary somewhere and thought the thing would circ. Plot: former black ops soldier is on the run from bad guys.

Dead on the Bones by Joe R. Lansdale. A bunch of short stories by the master writer.

Shot in Detroit by Patricia Abbott. Photographer in Detroit gains artistic renown after photographing a corpse. She keeps hunting out new bodies to fuel her success.

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth by Lindsey Lee Johnson.  Something about San Francisco.

The Sleepwalker by Chris Bohjalian. Sleepwalker goes missing.

Audiobook on CD

Ring of Fire by Brad Taylor. 15 hours on 12 CDs. Shoot-em'up with spies and terrorists.


Preacher: season one starring [actors]. Small town preacher is a devil or something. I'm not sure. Watch the preview.

Game of Thrones: the complete sixth season starring [more actors]. Hey! Is that Max von Sydow?! Wow, it is.

Monday, January 09, 2017


Electrical Magic Creates Sound

Revolution Radio by Green Day. Trio of musicians play songs and sing about radio. I don't want to look up a Green Day video. Here is Unlocking the Truth instead.


The Dangerous Ladies Affair by Marcia Muller and Bill Pronzini. Mystery novel with detectives trying to stop an extortionist.

Below the Belt by Stuart Woods. Something about a lawyer or something.

The Mistress by Danielle Steel. Rich people in love.