Thursday, July 16, 2015

Double Naked Plus a Kilt


Speaking in Bones by Kathy Reichs.  Bodies, woods, laboratories, marriage proposal. Canadian content is unclear.

Scents and Sensibility by Spencer Quinn. According to the cover photo this is about dogs in Arizona. The summary on the dustcover says the same.

The Rumor by Elin Hildebrand. Don't we have this already? Nope, I guess I was thinking of the audiobook. Is Hildebrand from Milwaukee? I don't remember. Let's check...nope, she lives in Massachusetts.

Novel Habits of Happiness by Alexander McCall Smith.

The Flicker Men by Ted Kosmatka. Scientist does something.  The summary is unclear.

Naked Greed by Stuart Woods. Your quarterly update.

Naked Eye by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen.   Woman thinks serial killer was not executed and is out and about.

Large Print


Custom Crocheted Sweaters by Dora Ohrenstein. Kilt free with many nice photos and patterns.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Primates Avenue of Love


Primates of Park Avenue: a memoir by Wednesday Martin. I read a review that had snippets of an author interview. Martin moved into a high end NYC neighborhood. The local women were constantly jockeying and vying for social status and position. Martin used her anthropological training to analyze the people and figure how to insert herself into the pack.


The Idea of Love by Patti Callahan Henry.  Widow sells her story to a screenwriter who needs a hit. Her story, and the screenplay, are not quite true.

Monday, July 13, 2015

New Items, Part Four


Grey by E.L. James. The same stuff but told by the male character. Does this novel reflect the first Grey novel or the whole series? I'll wait for Bill Crider to read this novel and let the rest of us know.


Ubuntu Unleashed, 2015 by Matthew Helmke. How much of a computer guru does Helmke have to be to write something like this?

Casseroles by Sterling Publishing. No author or editor name on this.Seafood casserole? Sure, there is tuna, but also anchovies (page 59). Anchovies and sardines sound gross but the photos are fantastic.

Garfield Fat Cat 3-Pack, volume 17 by Jim Davis. Because children loooove Garfield.

New Items, Part Three


Summerlong by Dean Bakopoulos. I just read a review of this in the New York Times Sunday Book Review. The reviewer thought the book went on too long.

Those Girls by Chevy Stevens. Three sisters go on the run from an abusive dad, fall into trouble, change their names, trouble finds them 18 years later.

The Cherry Harvest by Lucy Sanna. Set during WWII in Door County, WI. No wonder it's gotten plenty of press in the Madison newspaper.

The Guest Cottage by Nancy Thayer. To-be-divorced woman rents a summer cottage. Things happen.

Code of Conduct by Brad Thor. A very bright yellow cover on this one. Page 187 says, "When he finished, the Old Man let out a long, low whistle."

The English Spy by Daniel Silva. Assassin hired to kill another assassin. Page 187, "He watched it turn into the road without a name."

New Items, Part Two

Audiobooks on CD

Wicked Charms by Janet Evanovich and Phoef Sutton. 5CDs at 6 hours. Sutton? I heard of that guy, he writes some of the Dead Man horror stories.

Killing Monica by Candace Bushnell. 9 CDs at 10 hours. Author wants to kill off a character readers love and the author is sick of.

Love May Fail by Matthew Quick.  10 CDs at 12 hours.  According to the author bio Mr. Quick lives in North Carolina. According to the descriptive summary this novel is about people doing things.

Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith.  11 CDs at 12.5 hours.  This book is from 2008. I must have bought this on sale. The cover has a tie-in image for the forthcoming film version.


Nemesis by Catherine Coulter.

Fateful Lightning by Jeff Shaara. 593 pages on General Sherman.

New Items, Part One


Ideal: the novel and the play by Ayn Rand. Unpublished novel is not unpublished. Page 90 says, "A white cross flamed over the pulpit, on a black wall."

The Star of Bird Hill by Naomi Jackson. I don't like the cover. Jackson was awarded the Maytag Fellowship at Iowa Writers' Workshop. She was also awarded a Fulbright Scholarship. Fulbright sounds a lot better than Maytag. Maytag makes me think of the TV commercials. I have not idea what this book is about, you can read it and tell me. Jackson went to Cape Town with the Fulbright. I wonder if she met Roger Smith or Deon Meyer.

The Silenced by Heather Graham. So, this is a series? Krewe of Hunters? IF the FBI had as many special units as the novels pretend they'd need twice as many Agents.

Twice in a Lifetime by Dorothy Garlock.  Garlock lives in Clear Lake, Iowa. I'm trying to remember where that town sits. I'll look it up...okay, it's off I-35 by Mason City. Dillinger robbed a bank in Mason City.

Dinner with Buddha by Roland Merullo. There's a fat guy joke in that title but I cannot find it.

Water Knife by Paolo Bacigalupi. A novel about manufacturing water jet cutters. Maybe. I don't know. The cover design makes this look like a computer thriller. The dustcover says it's a about drought and water battles in the future. I just read a random page and enjoyed what I saw.

The Man Who Stole My Life by Marian Keyes. Her name is familiar, let's see what else she wrote...a whole bunch of books, none that I remember seeing before. I must be thinking of the Sammy Keyes childrens' series.