Friday, January 21, 2011

Lee Goldberg Ruth Downie, Stiltsville, Ghost Writing

Adult Fiction

Mr. Monk on the Road by Lee Goldberg. Monk drugs his agoraphobic brother and brings him along on a RV based road trip. Goldberg would rather sell this as an ebook. Does Shalhoub get paid for each book cover or did he sign his rights away like Princess Leia?

Caveat Emptor by Ruth Downie. Romam doctor Gaius Ruso is back in Britannia and stuck investigator a missing tax man. I've never read one of these novels but will. If you like these try out the novels of Steven Saylor (no relation).

Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart.

The Neighbors Are Watching by Debra Ginsberg. Sounds like you should move.

Damage by John Lescroart. Orange cover.

Other Eyes by Barbara D'Amato. Author investigating drug use by ancient cultures has killer after her when she might be finding a cure for drug addiction.

Gideon's War by Howard Gordon. Diplomatic negotiator is sent to escort his brother, a rogue agent, back to the U.S. Things go wrong.

Love Letters by Katie Fforde. Chickk Bookk.

Stiltsville by Susanna Daniel. Gal visits and then moves to the neighborhood of homes built on pilings in Miami's Biscayne Bay. Author lives in Madison. Looks like author did her own photo for the bio. I liked that episode of Miami Vice where they set a shootout in Stiltsville. Advance to the last chapter at 31:30. Oh, heck, here it is anyway.

Janus Stone by Elly Griffiths. That sounds like a British name. Yep, she "lives Brighton, on the English coast."

Strategic Moves by Stuart Woods.

The Nomination by William G. Tapply. Supreme Court nominee sets out to clear out the skeletons in his closet with the help of a paid murderer.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One DVD That Has Been Waiting A Long Time


The Last Lullaby starring Tom Sizemore, Sasha Alexander. Retired killer in Iowa suffers boredom, loneliness, and insomnia. Killer takes a high paying contract to kill again. x Written by Max Allan Collins from his book series about a paid killer named Quarry. With CZ75 goodness (according to the cover).

Snow and a Critique of Winter Footwear


We received about 5" of snow yesterday and the night before.

More Snow

Commons Park across the street from the library.

Commons Park Across from the library

Library Page coming in after an early release from school due to the snow.

Library Page walking over after early release at school


This was the Page's shoe selection for the day. Her feet were soaked and I had no sympathy.

Page's Poor Choice in Winter Footwear

Monday, January 17, 2011

Counseling DVDs and Some Large Print


The publisher, Paraclete, was running a sale.

When A Loved One Dies: walking through grief as a teenager. "Understand the grief process through the testimonies of young people who have walked through it."

At Death's Door: facing the death of someone you know. Good for hospice situations. Also addresses the differences of adults and children as both survivors and victims.

A Cry for Help: how to help a friend who is depressed or suicidal. "Most suicidal young people don't really want to die; they just want their pain to end. Teen suicide is often preventable if people know the signs to look for and the steps to take."

Helping Children Grieve. "Offers helpful information to adults on how to help children of all ages grieve with hope and heart."

Bullying: what every adult needs to know. "As long as their have been schools, there have been bullies...But we know today that bullying has serious consequences for both the victims and the bullies."

Audio Books on CD

The Outlaws by W.E.B.Griffin. 15 CDs at 19 hours. Shoot'em up. With guitars!

Wait a minute, how did he sneak that drum kit into the bank?

Ticktock by Dean Koontz. 8 CDs at 9.5 hours. Horror.

High Self-Esteem and Unshakable Confidence by Made for Success, Inc. 10 Cds at 6.5 hours. We have had some audio versions of pep talks coming from other libraries on hold.

Large Print

Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards.

Judas Gate by Jack Higgins.

Starting from Scratch by Susan Gilbert-Collins.

How to Read the Air by Dinaw Mengestu.

Will of Steel by Diana Palmer.

Healer by Carol Cassella.

In Too Deep by Jayne Ann Krentz.

A Slender Thread by Katharine Davis.

Damage by John Lescroart.