Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DVD and Snow


Make Believe Shooting

The Town starring Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm, Chris Cooper, Pete Postlethwait. Boston bank robbers are pursued by the FBI and Boston police with lots people shooting blanks at one another.

Real Shooting

Restrepo starring [Multiple infantrymen]. 15-man outpost in Afghanistan.

Make Believe Make Believe

Inception starring [a big cast]. Lots of CGI and a confusing plot. Or so I gather from commercials and comments.


Every time it snows I take a picture. Later this year I'll walk out on the lake and take some photos.

More snow

More snow

Monday, December 20, 2010

New Nook

New Nook

I purchased Barnes and Noble Nook for the library to try out. I'll get some titles on the Nook and let it circulate (check-out).

New Nook to try out at the library

New Nook to try out at the library

Star Wars Artwork


Star Wars Visions edited by J.W. Rinzler. Coffee table book with fan artwork.